Beautiful Day

I’ve been in Colorado Springs visiting and it’s been great, but we’ll head home today. Yesterday we went to see the Paint Mines near Calhan, Colorado. I know I’ve written about this before, probably in 2014… First we went to visit horses at a small horse ranch where my friend leases a pinto named Scoot.



The horses are friendly and beautiful, they like people. I like horses and I enjoyed being around them very much, being followed by them and patting them and all the stuff that isn’t work and isn’t riding. 🙂 Then, on a simmering impulse, we drove another 24 miles to the Paint Mines.

I love this place. It’s beautiful and mysterious. It’s in the middle of the beginning of the Great American Prairie, everything’s comparatively flat grassland, but suddenly there is a small canyon of colored clay.




Photos by me, Lois Maxwell and Adriano Vasco

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Day

  1. We went to Colorado Springs a few years ago. I was absolutely transfixed by the landscape. Coming from flat Florida, I was lucky to keep us on the road–the mountains there are breathtaking! Great photos, Martha.

    • It’s a beautiful city. I got priced out of returning there to live, but I like the San Luis Valley more than words can say so it turned out well! 🙂

    • Yep. The things we love and have to give up are tough. Fortunately, by the time I knew how much I like horses, I wasn’t interested in trying to ride them any more. Yesterday was so sweet hanging out with those guys. 🙂

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