Warm Hats and Scarves…

People around here knit. I know how, but I don’t do it. If I began again, it would be taking coals to Newcastle, as they say.

In my town there is, on the first weekend in November, a “Holiday Boutique” where several handy people — all women, I think — sell their crafts. It’s invitation only and the stuff in the store is really amazing. It’s amazing in a few different dimensions — it’s beautiful an well made, first dimension, and it’s things I thought had disappeared from the face of the earth such as embroidered pillowcases.

My neighbor, E., is a member of the Boutique and three of the four Novembers I’ve lived here, I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping there. E doesn’t only knit; she crochets and she sews. The two hats in the photo are her work. I bought them both as presents, but I haven’t given them away… The hat in the foreground was made (E tells me) from a skein of yarn that has all those textures and colors right in it. She said all she did was knit it and it came out like that. ❤

When I worked at the art co-op, I saw the beautiful work of a lot of people who live in the San Luis Valley, and, before I went to Switzerland in 2016, I bought a silk/wool scarf knitted by a friend working at the co-op. I love the colors. It’s knit of silk and wool yarn and it’s very light and very warm. It’s taken the place of all other scarves I own.

I love this handwork. As with music, I am a member of the appreciative audience.



7 thoughts on “Warm Hats and Scarves…

  1. I used to knit up a storm, everyone received one or two knitted presents that were mitts, scarves, hats carefully chosen in the colours I knew the recipient loved. Sometimes including sequins or other details. Alas, my wrists won’t allow it anymore. The intricacy I’ve witnessed is amazing when (I like you) have visited artisans tables or shops. Truly amazing in colour and design. I applaud all who can do some the most intricate work I’ve witnessed.

    • I’m really happy to see you again! 🙂 Life’s been weird these past months but, having written that, so what else is new? 😉 How have you been?

      • Achy, breaky! Joints I didn’t know I had ache. I have a thumb and finger on right hand that have trigger finger. Sore back, so yeah, age is taking its toll. I am trying to write another novel on Wattpad. Other family problems keep me from moving forward. That’s life, I guess. Hope you are doing better. 😕

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