12 thoughts on “Beautiful Walk by the Rio Grande

  1. That’s lovely countryside — I know the Austin area and the Killeen area, but not the Rio Grande — I really should explore that area!

        • Oh yes. To the east, the Sangre de Cristos. To the west, the San Juans, and the Rio Grande meanders across and down the San Luis Valley. It’s Heaven. But it’s C-O-L-D 🙂

        • The river starts up in the San Juans and then turns south at Alamosa, the nearest “big” city to me. Then in runs south to Albuquerque, but on the way it carves a lovely gorge where it comes up more-or-less, against the Sangres. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rio_Grande_Gorge I love living near this river.

          It’s very beautiful. We had a freak snow on October 9, but otherwise nothing to speak of. That’s strange. It’s been a warm and open fall so far. I’m not complaining. I know when January comes it will be cold and there will be snow.

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