Have I Got a Gorgeous Gorge!!!!

Rio Grande Gorge, outside Taos, New Mexico surprised me. I have been through Taos many times in my life but NEVER on the road that crosses this bridge. On both sides are vendors of all kinds — mostly Native Americans selling silver jewelry. And then the bridge and then the view. Since my trips to Taos are usually NOT tourist jaunts, I have yet to get out of the car and walk across the bridge. That’s kind of all right with me. I’m more than a little acrophobic. But, I have a plan to visit Taos on my own sometime after Christmas when all the hub-bub has died down, and Taos returns to the sleepy town of 1930 paintings. I’ll stop and cross the bridge then.


I love the geologic song of the river here as it chisels its way through the slowly uplifting layers of the east edge of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It’s a view into time.


“My” Rio Grande as it passes Monte Vista

I love this river. Yesterday walking beside it, listening to it, looking through the clear water, enjoying the promise of ice on the sides, already growing, I thought again of how lucky I am to have moved here more-or-less accidentally.


11 thoughts on “Have I Got a Gorgeous Gorge!!!!

  1. Beautiful! All you bloggers posting pictures of actual gorges are keeping me busy making a list of places to visit.

    • Please visit! There is no place on earth like the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado and the rocks and culture of Northern New Mexico. Good deals on Air BNB. Fantastic climate, too.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful! I love the bridge, but even more the gorge that simply cuts the flat land into two pieces! Thanks for sharing this shot!

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