Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog’s Scientific Method

Bear loves snow and we haven’t gotten any to speak of since October 9. Crazy? Yeah. It’s very dry here in Heaven, so dry that they haven’t covered the greens on the golf course.

In fact, they’re watering the greens.

Yesterday we took a small jaunt out into the gorgeous December light and I saw “drifts” of white stuff where snow should be. I told Bear, “When we come back, I have something nice for you, but right now, let’s GO!!!!”

Walking hurts at first and then gets better. I got a new cane yesterday and I’m eager to “try ‘er out” but the UPS hadn’t come when we took our walk, so I used my old trekking pole. It works fine.

So we walk into the dry pasture that is the driving range and we walked on the dusty dirt road beyond.

We tried to see “our” horses, but tank trucks being stored on the train tracks blocked our view. There’s a big dark bay mare who now comes to her fence to greet us — she’s still almost 1/4 mile away in a fenced pasture across the tracks, but it’s pretty clear to me she’s LIKE to say hello. Dusty and Bear now automatically stop at the Horse Viewing Area and they did yesterday. “Sorry, guys,” I say, peering as hard as my dogs do trying to see through the tank cars.

Bear has steadily checked her messages and some of them seem to have been very interesting and quite long. She left one. I don’t know who for; I don’t know which correspondent merits her pee, but he/she must be something.

We go back a different way and cross the golf course. Earlier, an anarchistic golfer had disobeyed the large sign, “Golf Course Closed. No Play or Practice” and was buzzing around from hole to hole on a golf cart, but now he was gone. We crossed the golf course, past the small grove of tall spruce, and headed toward what I think is hole 6 (don’t know for sure). There in the shade of the small hill below the green — and on the green itself — was something large, white and gleaming in the sun.

“I dunno’, Bear,” I said. “Maybe.” I was hoping it was a little melted, a little slushy. She caught the scent of the ice and moved quickly toward it. She experimented. She started with a theory, “This is snow? Maybe. Maybe not.” She threw herself down on the hard crust. She dug her nose into it, hoping that it was just a crust, and maybe, maybe, maybe? It had happened before, an icy crust like this and then SNOW below.

She took a few bites. No, well, maybe over here… She got up and moved to a sunnier patch. Smart dog. She’s learned a lot about how snow behaves during her short life. She flopped down a bit more gingerly and rolled. It really wasn’t better, maybe a little. She sighed, maybe thinking, “It’s what I have. Better make the best of it.” She dug, rolled, bit the snow, and rolled some more.

When she was finished she came to me and leaned, ice crystals melting quickly on her fur. I am pretty sure she was saying, “Thanks, human. You did the best you could.”

And we went home. Here’s the video 🙂 


19 thoughts on “Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog’s Scientific Method

  1. I got paw prints in my garden yesterday and they are still here. Was that a telepathic message from bear. Otherwise let’s see the new stick when it arrives. Hope it does not compete with my psychedelic stick.

    • Hmm… Maybe Bear bilocated in her sleep so she could run in your snow. My new stick doesn’t have any style, but it has a cork handle and it has a shock-absorbing staff so it should be really great for walking the dogs! It’s like a hybrid between my trekking pole and my cane. I’ll post a photo on FB later. 🙂

  2. SNOW! We don’t get snow here, but we haven’t had a drop of rain either for more than 250 days! No wonder we burn up in the fall!

    • That just makes me so sad. I lived in the mountains east of San Diego for 11 years and EVERY year there was the terrible fear that fire would come as it had in 2003. Every plume of smoke in the mountains scared me to death. You don’t get over that. 😦

  3. Even San Diego had their share of fire this year, though not bad in the mountains. Bonsall (hwy 76 east of Oceanside) and near Lake Elsinore both had fires during the first part of last week, along with our Thomas Fire, which is still going strong! I scan the mountains every time I am outside where I can see them!

    • I’m so sorry. 😦 I was lucky when I lived in Descanso (and the firefighters worked hard to save the town such as it is) I had a fire hydrant in front of my house and my neighbor’s nephew was a firefighter and he spent 24 hours spraying our houses.

  4. We got about an inch and a half overnight, but now it’s raining and the dogs really hate the cold rain. I’m not all that fond of it either, frankly. There are things we ought to be doing, but we aren’t because it’s yucky out there. If the rain cleans the mess off the driveway, in preparation for the NEXT snow (end of the week, I think) — which is likely be a real snow because the temperature is dropping — it will make cleaning up after the snow a lot easier.

    The strangeness of the weather this year is noteworthy. Nothing is like it ought to be. Not here, not there, not anywhere. Too much, too little, too hot, too too too. And meanwhile, they are all barking. At something.

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