Quotidian Christmas Rant # 93

What’s the deal with Christmas? This past Saturday I was walking with the dogs and I felt, suddenly, like someone was hammering a hot railroad spike into the space above my right eye. Since the ONLY headaches I get are migraines, it was strange. I walked and thought, “Shake it off, Kennedy.” It actually did go away.

But not really.

By Monday my sinuses were more like a concrete truck than the brilliantly designed drainage system they’re supposed to be. I KNEW what it was. I have PLANS this week. I didn’t want a sinus infection (who ever wants one?). I just had one last summer. Two in one year? Where’s the justice in that? I called the doctor. No way to see her, but I could see the nurse practitioner late that afternoon. I went.

It was gorgeous out there in Del Norte, I have to say.

“Yeah, the sinuses on the right side are very inflamed.” So, I had correctly diagnosed myself. She sent out a prescription (we don’t have to carry them any more). I drove the 14 miles home, and stopped at the pharmacy that hides in a dark corner of the local IGA grocery a block from my house. The kind and friendly people who work there — and live here — took care of me. I came home with Zithromycin. I was hoping for a quick fix.

There is no quick fix. Not quick enough. I spent yesterday trying to prepare for the drive north that was to happen today, but I was and am so tired. One particular characteristic of a sinus infection is fatigue. I don’t know if it’s the infection or the problems breathing and getting less oxygen, but not even my brain was working right (shut up). I went to the vets to get meds for my dogs, put them in my pocket and when I started to leave, I went back thinking I’d forgotten the meds… Sigh.

Even Bear got the idea yesterday that things were not right with her person and didn’t harass me for a walk. I couldn’t have done it. I don’t think I can do it today. Maybe. But I did pack, I did get the car cleaned out. I did some stuff.

What is the deal? My mom used to bitch at me every year, “You always get sick at Christmas!” It’s kind of but not totally true. I probably get sick at lots of other times that are not printed in red numbers on the calendar so no one notices, days that didn’t affect anyone’s plans.

I have no calling this morning. I just have plans I  have to reconfigure because I honestly am too sleepy to drive.

Most of the time I wish Christmas didn’t exist. I don’t fear the dark of winter’s short days. I don’t think Jesus did, either, seeing as he was born in a place where the days stay pretty much the same length all year, AND where the dominant culture was busy celebrating Saturnalia which must have been pretty wild. I actually think that celebrating Christmas should be a personal and quiet thing considering Christmas doesn’t even mean the same thing to any two people.

I hate the flash and expense of consumerism, but I have noticed that stores starting the Christmas thing WAY in October means that by the time Christmas is actually about to arrive, the whole sparkly mess has lost its power by being around so long. For me, the best part of Christmas is making Christmas cards, but that got messed up this year because my aunt Dickie died right as I was involved in that. I didn’t write them all at once or check off names in my address book. I don’t know for sure to whom I sent cards! I also enjoyed drawing gift tags this year; that was really fun. Painting rocks was good. I enjoyed hearing The Messiah with my neighbors. But now? I just wish I wasn’t sick.

Thanks for listening to me whine.


24 thoughts on “Quotidian Christmas Rant # 93

  1. Feel better soon! Yup, your energy stores go to healing, and not for the stuff you might prefer to be doing. The body is smart enough to overrule our will on this one.

  2. I’m sorry about the sinus infection, they are not fun. Your energetic and a do-er. You get things done so from time to time, when it’s required, you relax, chill, sit back with your beautiful pups and enjoy some gorgeous music. Whining? naw, just telling it like it is. Sharing as I see it. Besides, when your sick, it’s the most difficult time to be optimistic and positive since every bit of energy goes into getting better. I hope the medicine kicks in quickly and your better in no time. I’m really touched every time you mention how close-knit and caring the community is around you. That always helps. And, know that we all care too. Sending you healing thoughts (in case that works). xoxo

    • I think healing thoughts do a lot of good for everyone. My town is very special — it’s just a small town, I guess. But I’m happier here than I’ve ever been anywhere. Thank you for the good thoughts! xoxo

      • Your so welcome, Martha. Always and forever! I’m also delighted to hear you are so happy. Everyone deserves happiness and although some say we create our own, I sincerely believe that our surroundings and those around us contribute greatly to that happiness making it more attainable and long lasting creating meaningful friendships that last a lifetime.

        • I think part of being happy is deciding to be. When I moved here — completely random, in fact — I decided I would be happy here. I think that opened my heart and mind to what there is here to be happy with. It’s probably a reciprocal relationship somehow. I also realized there is no magic perfect great thing waiting out there. There is here and now and it requires compromise. ❤

          • I am basically a happy person. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the kids called me pollyanna because I always saw the good side first. Didn’t mean I didn’t acknowledge the down side, but there’s nothing to be gained for visiting the down side for long except to acknowledge it’s existence (for me anyway) but you are right, deciding to be happy being a motivator really makes a difference. And yes, I also agree compromise is essential in life in most things, jobs, relationships and especially family and friends.

  3. Feel better quickly so you can make your trip. I think I’d rather a sinus infection than a wildfire right now — I’ll decide Friday whether or not to go!

    • I’d rather have a sinus infection than a wildfire, too. There’s not much I want LESS than a wildfire. I don’t care about the trip — I can go any time. It’s only 3 hours away and less hassle when it’s not a holiday. Stay safe! ❤

  4. Feel better and then Christmas will feel better, too, probably, but not definitely. I sometimes wish Christmas could be quieter, too. but I like the way (most) people are a litttle nicer around Christmas.

  5. Even whining helps and I am listening. Sorry to hear of your sinus problems, but it can only get better. These things always happen at the wrong time.

  6. I wish I could send you through some eucalyptus oil to sniff. On the other hand – do you have any sage and/or mint? Makes a good, sinus-clearing tea. Temporary, of course, but still a slight relief.
    Hope you get well soon, and that Bear and friends help you keep warm and comfy.

  7. Sinus infections really hurt, so I hope you feel better soon. I used to get sick every Christmas, but somewhere along the line, i stopped getting a lot of things I used to get. Instead, I get more impressive things that threaten life and limb, but when I’m not terribly ill, I’m usually (moderately) healthy. I’m not sure that this means anything. Probably not.

    Having not BEEN out in the malls, I don’t have to watch the Christmas decorations droop as the months roll on. I’m grateful for that. And so far, I haven’t had to wrap ANYTHING. I just keep handing stuff to people and saying “Merry Merry and thank you for not making me wrap it.”

  8. I have to say, Martha, you’re not very good at whining. It lacks that critical martyred factor that distinguishes true talent. In fact this effort could actually be mistaken for simply stating facts. Tut tut!
    To me, Christmas has always meant family. I am very lucky.

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