Quotidian Discourse #2.10

Miraculously, I don’t really have anything to say this morning. I’m still fighting the sinus infection, though I’m beginning to think I might win. Bear really needs to go for a walk and I am going to do that somehow today. We’re supposed to get a winter storm, but as we’re between two rain shadows, if you look at the meteorologic map of Colorado, you see a “thumb” of calm air and dry land in between the bright blue of a storm. It’s OK with me.

My plans to spend Christmas with friend in Colorado Springs is still on the table, but if I were planning to go today, I couldn’t do it. Still way too tired. It’s hard to sleep at night. 😦

OH well… Maybe tomorrow Lamont and Dude will show up to write this thing.

Meanwhile, here’s my favorite song (of the moment).



11 thoughts on “Quotidian Discourse #2.10

  1. I actually got your post in email today — first time in a while. Half the people I know are sick with something this week. It must be the holidays. I swear they breed disease. I got up this morning and I could move. Every joint hurt and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized I’ve just been active and pushing things because I think I’m supposed to. Next year, I think I need to find another way.

    I hope you have the right antibiotics. Ellin has something too which I hope isn’t Lime. The dogs are doing well and it isn’t going to snow until tomorrow. Keep warm. Have cocoa and try to keep your head up — it will make it a little easier to sleep. Hugs from all of us.

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