Nothing’s Quite as Yummy as Rawhide and Coffee in the Morning

Bear and I have our treats first thing in the morning. Who knows what the day will bring, right?

After years and years of indulging my coffee tastes (for both flavor and nostalgic reasons) with Lavazza (which I love) and the ridiculously expensive Illy, I picked up a bag of this at the local IGA grocery (where, by the way, you can by immense bags of dried red chiles).


This incredibly good coffee. It’s roasted in Pueblo, Colorado, by two young guys, brothers, inventors of the world’s first solar coffee roaster. Yeah, really. It’s richly flavored (as intense as any Lavazza dark roast), very smooth, low in acid (it seems) and just generally delicious.

The rawhide has now been chewed, the coffee has been drunk. It’s time to move on to the adventures of the Schneebelis in the semi-friendly land of the Palatine dukes. Right.

21 thoughts on “Nothing’s Quite as Yummy as Rawhide and Coffee in the Morning

  1. Hahah omg, I stopped dead in my tracks when I read this post, my dogs name is Bear and I always kickstart my mornings with Lavazza coffee too !! Haha, I love that coffee so much because my Italian relatives got me hooked on it. Illy is alright imho.

  2. Let me be clear about this. The dog chewed the rawhide, not you … right? I know life gets a little tough sometimes, but you aren’t down to chewing rawhide — are you? Even with coffee.

    • Those are all Bear’s. I do share the coffee dregs with Dusty, though. Bear is a strange dog. She will NOT take rawhides off the table. She knows she’s not supposed to and she waits for me to give them to her, one by one. But if I don’t get up in the morning when she wants me to, she will take books and papers off the table and chew them. Talk about manipulation… It’s enough to make me chew rawhide…

        • Actually you’re right. I don’t need the books. I don’t even read them. I don’t even know why I have them. Just a bunch of dumb writers yammering on and on and on and on 😉

  3. LMAO Martha! I’ve not had the good fortune to find either coffee, but after this delightful recommendation, I feel I must find out if it is possible to obtain to give it a try. My son bought us a coffee maker for Christmas as our POS packed it in (after having lasted a year and a half which was amazing) since the other expensive coffee maker’s we’ve bought over the years packed it in in under a month. This one has a built-in grinder so you put the beans in the hopper, fill the pot and let her rip. It made MADE the best coffee in the world for 3 whole days! Trouble is trying to return it to replace it. It was New Year’s Eve and no one was interested in assisting. Hence boiling water and using a French Press atm, which works just fine but only makes 4 cups or so and filling a thermos for work takes 3 leaving 1/2 cup each until we make more. Alas, it’s as difficult returning unusable crap as it is talking to a real live person to solve problems at the bank! wink wink

    • I use a very simple, very old fashioned, very dependable espresso maker — a Bialetti Moka Express. I will not use anything else. 🙂 But it’s not easy to use it to fill a thermos, either. You’d have to make about four pots…

      Yeah, Marilyn’s bank saga was excruciating — I stopped using major banks more than 20 years ago after being treated like that all the time. Now I’m a credit union person.

      • And if there WERE any credit unions around here — I think they ALL went out of business during the credit union crisis in … ’08? ’07’? Something like that. They survived in other states, but not in Massachusetts. We have big banks, medium banks, smaller banks and they ALL treat you like crap. Except today when they liked me. What did I do right? I’m still going with the alternate universe theory.

        • I think you’re theory is sound. Too bad about the credit unions. My current bank (here, I still use my CA credit union) is a Federal Bank, a lot like a credit union. Two blocks away and the most common way people have of reaching them is going there. Life’s vastly simpler here…

  4. You mentioned Lavazza once before so I tried it. I have always been a Peet’s Big Bang girl, but Lavazza is pretty darn good coffee. I have tried two different kinds and like them both, so thanks for the tip!

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