Meh…Gruyere Update

When I opened the little package of smoked gruyere, it smelled very strongly of smoke (Dusty ran out to the kitchen, maybe thinking there was a barbecue). The texture was soft and uniform like processed cheese. AND it tasted VERY salty. There was none of the classic nutlike taste of Gruyere; just smoke. That is its only flavor, and much of that vanished into the quiche. I didn’t have enough whipping cream, so the milk part of the quiche was 1/2 whole milk which made it a little bit watery. Obviously, I didn’t make the crust. I do pastry things so seldom that shortening just can’t survive from pie to pie in this house, but Mrs. Callendar usually does a pretty good job.

Ultimately, the quiche was ok, though pretty bland. I’ve had worse in fancy restaurants. I won’t attempt this again without the right cheese, or, if I do, I’ll call it “cheese pie” or something 🙂 .

9 thoughts on “Meh…Gruyere Update

  1. You are my kind of cook. I don’t have that, so maybe I can use this and add some of that and it would be almost the same … and I don’t have that other thing, so let’s try …

    In the end, the meal is edible. Not exactly what I had in mind. Maybe it’s all those “not exactly the same” ingredients? Hmm.

    • Yeah, I have to go back up to “the city” next week to see a doctor so I wanted to see if the gruyere worked at all before I went back to where there are stores that sell things. 😉

  2. I do the same, Marilyn. Once I’ve made the recipe according to directions, I tend to enhance it my way which usually turns out better in the end. Although I agree with Martha, if it wasn’t a hit as is, it isn’t worth a repeat especially at the ongoing prices in the marketplace today.

  3. I find quiche to be one of the easiest ‘fancy’ dishes…until it isn’t. You hit on the wrong percentage of fat-to milk-to veggie combo and it all falls apart. But, it’s one of the most impressive things to serve guests when you get it right. Even bad homemade quiche is better than anything you get from a fast food joint. I use a wonderful Mediterranean Quiche recipe–that I just tried to find online but couldn’t, dang it,–that I change up types of veggies and cheeses in all the time. It rarely fails me, so I’m sad I can’t find the link for it.

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