Dusty’s Bewildering Morning Moment

“I’m alone with her. Just me and my human. Oh joy!”

“Hi Dusty Boy, my sweet old boy.”

“Where is everyone? I’m so bewildered. Well, best not to look a gift human in the mouth. I think I’ll put my head on her knee. Oh, she’s scratching my ears and saying nice things to me.”

“Sweet Dusty T.”

“Oh dog, however this happened, I don’t care but IT’S THE BEST. I love my human. I’m so  lucky she found me. I’m going to get closer to her.”

“You’re such a good barky boy, Dusty.”

“Oh she’s scratching the other ear. Uh-oh, I smell Bear.”

“Good morning, Bear!”

“I don’t care. This time Bear isn’t going to push me to one side. Not this morning.”



12 thoughts on “Dusty’s Bewildering Morning Moment

  1. First come first served, speaking as a Tabby cat. Put the blue eyed wonder dog with the snow addiction in his place. Now it’s your turn Dusty. After all Dusty first.

    • You’re right, Tabby. Dusty deserves a LOT more than he gets because of the Blue-eyed Wonder Dog. Problem is, he loves her, too. Take good care of your tuna fish dispenser with the opposable thumbs.

  2. Gibbs is like that when he just happens to be the only dog not outside barking. But he, like Dusty, is rather suspicious. What does this mean? He does love being the ONLY dog on the sofa 😀

    • Dusty NEVER gets on the sofa. That’s MINDY’S territory. Sometimes Bear co-opts it, but never for long. They’re so strange, these canine companions.

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