Sticky Notes

“Good luck with that!” Tiffany softly giggled to herself.

“I’m serious. I insist you clean up your room.”

“Mom. I’m 38. You don’t have that kind of leverage any more.”

“You’re living in MY house under MY roof. You’ll do as I say.”

“Yeah, but mom, I took over the payments six years ago. It’s really MY house and yeah. I have to go to work.”

“Tiffany! I’m your mother! Come back here! Listen to me when I’m talking to you!”

Tiffany was relieved to hear the front door open and close followed by footsteps in the hall. “Thank goodness,” she thought.

“Hi Mrs. Baumgarten.”

“Who are you?”

“Jenny? Your nurse? Remember? I come every day, Mrs. Baumgarten. Have you had your breakfast yet?”

Tiffany’s mother shook her head and looked around Tiffany’s room in confusion. It wasn’t messy. It was as neat as a pin. She shrugged and followed Jenny to the kitchen.

“Jenny, can we have a word?” Tiffany passing the kitchen on her way out.


“She just had an episode.”

“I thought she might have. She gets that lost look in her eyes afterwards, sort of ‘What was that?'”

“If you need me I’m only a text away.”

“We’re going to sit down after breakfast and write sticky notes to ourself to help us with the day.”

“I love that. I come home and see everything mom did while I was gone.”

“It keeps her on track. Don’t worry, Tiffany. Have a good day.”

“You too, Jenny, and thank you.”

“No worries. Remember, you pay me!” Jenny smiled and gave Tiffany a quick hug.

“Yeah, I know, but…”

“I know.”

“Bye mom!”

“Bye honey! Have a good day!”

19 thoughts on “Sticky Notes

  1. When I was going through my brain surgery recovery, I read an idea of putting sticky notes around of everything you’re grateful for. I put it in my bathroom of all places, haha, but I would see them all the time. It was such a positive thing for me! I had written on all kinds of sticky notes: My cats, books, family, water, Days of Our Lives, walking, etc. etc. ❤

  2. My sticky notes are all on my iPhone. I see a plant in the store, take a photo and write the name on my iPhone to remind me what it is before I forget. That is probably the first steps to a cyber golden oldie forgetfulness, the sticky notes are now computers

  3. It was very poignant and funny, I agree. Strikes me as such a loss for the individual and family dealing with it. Being forgotten as though you never existed has got to be painful as well.

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