2 + 2

Rat IThe House Might Eat Tommy’s Ice Cream

Got THAT out of the way. I’m not at all interested in mnemonics, frankly. But I do know one and there it is. 🙂


In OTHER news it snowed last night. Here’s a photo of Bear in the snow. One of my friends pointed out the shadow, calling it Bear’s “Inner Wolf.” ❤



17 thoughts on “2 + 2

  1. That is really a mysterious shadow on the photo. Everything has a name it seems, no matter how complicated.. I call them little rhymes to help me not to forget, my own private space really.

  2. And here I was looking forward to an exciting tale about a sneaky rodent and purloined Ben and Jerry’s! Took me a minute to figure out it was a mnemonic device. And really, if ANY word needs a mnemonic device in order to spell it correctly MNEMONIC is just crying out for one: Mostly Nonsense Every Mindless Obscure Naming Idiotic Conventions?

  3. I got along with my mother, but I never got along with her as a kid with a mommy. I got along with her as a grown-up kid with a mother who didn’t really want to BE a mother. She wanted to be herself. I think in today’s world, she would have stayed single. She liked being single.

    • I took that part out of this post, but I got along with my mother. THAT was a matter of survival. She was always right, whatever insanity she was at any given moment so I was a chameleon who could only feel free when I was alone. I’m just one of those surviving kids. But my mom was a monster and I would not have realized it had not my aunts remained so steadfastly behind me, even after my mom was dead. I hope I can figure this out. I’ve done some bad things to good people who loved me; I did this because my perspective of love was so warped. Anyway, I’ll either figure it out or not. 🙂

  4. I have known two mnemonics that were pretty successful — The streets of Seattle include 2 streets for each word: “Jesus Christ made Seattle under protest.” After 50 years, I can still remember about half the streets!

    And the stops on the Philadelphia Mainline train were “Old maids never wed and have babies.” Sixty years later, I can still come up with all but the first name!

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