This is beautiful. It’s just like life. ❤ Thank you, Dangerspouse


This is the story of the “The Joke”,  the longest joke I ever undertook. In fact, The Joke would still be going on if my intended target hadn’t come down with some sort of ridiculous cancer and died. I swear, the inconsideration of some people.

If you scroll down through my entries, all the way down, down past the owl penis entry…the pussy hat entry….the pussy entry…the elbow surgery…the other elbow surgery…the flute confession…the “Fuck You Scalia” eulogy…

Ah, screw it. Just click this.

That was my very first Dangerspouse entry on WordPress.

But it wasn’t written by me. And that’s not a picture of me (most days). It was written and posted by Poolagirl.

Poolagirl first accosted me on my original Diaryland blog, back in the days when blogging was actually cool (ie: before MySpace/Facebook). I was boppin’ along posting my usual crap when all of the…

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8 thoughts on “Oscar

  1. Thank you very much for this honor, Martha. It meant a lot to me, knowing more people might now learn of such a great pirate.

    Of course, it’s a post I wish I never had to write….

    Thank you again.

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