Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The Crocus Soliloquy

Down in my solitude under the snow,
Where nothing cheering can reach me;
Here, without light to see how to grow,
I’ll trust to nature to teach me.

I will not despair–nor be idle, nor frown,
Locked in so gloomy a dwelling;
My leaves shall run up, and my roots shall run down,
While the bud in my bosom is swelling.

Soon as the frost will get out of my bed,
From this cold dungeon to free me,
I will peer up with my little bright head,
And all will be joyful to see me.

Then from my heart will young petals diverge,
As rays of the sun from their focus;
I from the darkness of earth shall emerge,
A happy and beautiful Crocus!

Many, perhaps, from so simple a flower,
This little lesson may borrow,
Patient today, through its gloomiest hour,
We come out the brighter tomorrow.

Hannah Gould

Hannah Gould is not a famous American poet, BUT she was commonly published in Godey’s Lady’s Book and I found this poem here and was very happy to see Mrs. Gould again! I remember her well from my thesis writing days when I was reading issues of Godey’s Lady’s Book cover to cover. Mrs. Gould was one of editor Sarah Hale’s favorite poets, I think. Her work appeared a LOT and, as I recall, she was less given to post-mortem lamentations than were many of her contemporaries.

Anyway, the crocus are blooming in my garden and that’s a lovely thing.


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