Drawing Lines — Morning Confession

Last night I had the idea of writing a book about the great times I had teaching. The title would be, “When I was the Shit*: Great Times in the Classroom.” I thought of some of the stories, too, and it seemed like kind of a good idea, but I think, mostly, I really like the title.

And then I thought, “What about all those times you internally (or actually) disparaged people who wrote/write memoirs? What about all the times you shrugged off suggestions from friends to ‘Write what you know’?” And I thought, “Yeah, I should’a known as soon as I thought unkind thoughts about people who write memoirs that I’d be next.”

It’s a constant with me. As soon as I reject something or disparage something, I will be doing it next. “What do you know, anyway?” says God, “Muahahaha.” Like the daily prompt which, when I started writing a blog on WordPress, I thought was for losers.

Shut up.

A great title is not enough for a book, though — Oh, BTW, I also disparage people who have a title before they have a story. This needs to be said openly so that I can further cleanse my soul in this morning confession. I wish coffee stayed hot longer… Oh, what? A thermo-mug? No I disparage them, too.


*Lest you think I’m being vulgar, over the years several students said, “Professor Kennedy, you’re the shit.” Usually this was when they got an A, enjoyed class, got cut a break they didn’t expect, or I did something unexpectedly cool. It was frequently followed by a fist pound and/or secret handshake. You might’ve had to have been there.


26 thoughts on “Drawing Lines — Morning Confession

  1. LMAO Martha! Delightful, true, and delightful. I too have done exactly the same. The moment I disparage something, I end up doing it. Smirk smirk smirk. Good thing I don’t disparage many things. haha

    • Thank you! Yeah, I don’t know. There are some really good stories. Some heart-melting ones, some infuriating ones when a student failed to recognize that I was the shit, some really funny ones. I don’t know. It’s percolating back there. Anyway, it’s nice to be retired and not having to carry that burden of constantly being the shit. 😀

      • Gods willing that I live so long, I still have another 20 years or so before I can retire even though I’ve already been working for 32. Most of the stories I’ve posted here feature fictionalized versions of people & events I encounter in my job as a probation officer. Thank you for following! I look forward to your next post.

        Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!

  2. I don’t know about being the shit, maybe in the shit (just joking). But now you’ve gone and done it! I’ve just bought a thermo mug. I’ve even taken it out of the box. 🙂 I’ll read your book when it comes out. It will probably make me laugh and cry like the last one.

    • I can’t imagine writing this one. 🙂 But I might. I got the idea because last night I learned from LinkedIn that one of my former students — an awesome kid from a bad neighborhood in Oakland, a kid with a criminal record, who dreamed of being a District Attorny in Oakland so he could help kids like he was — has completely reached his dream. It was probably 2004 or so that he was my student and he was a riot. I came into class with a wrapped knee from an injury and he just said, “Sucks to be you.” A month or so later he came into class with leg in a cast and I just said, “Manny, sucks to be you.” He was in two or three of my classes over the years and hung out a lot during office hours. He was hilarious and smart. When he graduated he came to see me and said, “Professor, I just want you know, you’re the shit.” And he gave me a huge hug. BTW I’m enjoying an Australian TV program right now from NSW, “Rake.” It’s brilliant. It’s the shit.

  3. In one of my trainings, we had a saying, “you spot it, you got it”. In other words, that which annoys us often rings true about us as well. Nothing like someone demonstrating one’s least favorite personal trait.
    I think its often true of travel mugs and the like as well.

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