They’re EVERYWHERE!!!!

Just got back from a walk with Dusty and Bear. It was a legit walk even though there were other people at “our” place. I’m just going to have to find a different time of day or branch out to new locales.

It’s an incredibly wonderful thing to take a real stride and follow it with another. I never took that ability for granted as my dad couldn’t walk well or easily because of his MS, still, I’m so savoring the miracle of the cortisone shot, however long it lasts. My research indicates 2 months is about average. That’s fine. I know it’s not a cure.

My town is getting ready for the Crane Festival which is this weekend. It’s rolling out the red carpet. Restaurants are featuring special “crane themed” items. Banners are hanging where the Christmas decorations were hanging until two weeks ago (we don’t hurry here in Monte Vista), the “fair grounds” are going to host an indoor craft and nature fair.

I don’t think the cranes care much about all this follderol, but they should. The wildlife refuge has been flooded (dry winter) for their benefit, and the Amish farmers around the refuge have mowed their fields and left barley on the ground. I wonder if the ancestral memory of this millions of years old species has any recollection of the old days. I wonder what grain originally drew them here — probably the same as draws them to my slough, wild grasses, wild rye, wild barley.

I might charge up the “good” camera (though my iPhone is approaching the quality) and take some photos after the festival is over.

I wrote to this prompt earlier today. I really hated my post so I’ve deleted it. I was doing something I don’t even believe in by writing it. SO… It’s gone.

13 thoughts on “They’re EVERYWHERE!!!!

  1. How wondeful to have so many cranes. We have a stork colony near us but only get a couple that sometimes visit. I discovered never go for a walk Sunday afternoon, it is a mass excursion

  2. I read it anyway and liked it, but I do that with posts too. Sometimes, I just don’t LIKE it.

    LOVE your sand cranes. I did doctor, pharmacy, grocery, post office, dinner … with intervening banks and other stuff … so you walked, but for me, this was a really BIG day. Enjoy the cranes and I wish I was there.

  3. “Crane-themed items” at restaurants — surely they don’t kill and cook the cranes! Are they making special chicken dishes, or dishes that they shape into cranes, or just anything new? It sounds like a festival that is good for the cranes as well as edifying for people. And you can actually see cranes during the festival!

    • It’s not cranes as food. BUT, it’s the first time since I’ve lived here that the festival has been so organized. Pizza Hut has made a crane themed pizza, no idea what that means, the little Mennonite bakery/restaurant has made crane themed cinnamon rolls, another restaurant (Mexican and American) has crane themed menu items. I will probably not investigate all this, though, unless a friend shows up. 🙂

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