Mindy T. Dog Speaks on Important Matters

The opposable thumbs found on humans are definitely a useful adaptation, setting them apart from all other animals except raccoons. Those of us who get to live in close proximity to a human can benefit from those appendages, too. My advice is, if you don’t have opposable thumbs yourself, find a sympathetic human who does. Then, train your human to show off his or her opposable thumbs by teaching them to give you a cookie. It will make your new human feel accompished, and, of course, you will get a cookie.

Secretly, I have my own stragedy for grasping articles. Here you can see me holding onto my rawhide with my forepaws so that 1) Dusty or Bear can’t steal it and, 2) it’s in a convenient positiion for me to put into my mouth.

Yesterday our human friend from next door came over, and the two humans had a very good time employing their opposable thumbs with little rocks. I, personally, like to chew small rocks so I understand that anyone could be fascinated. A good rock is hard to find.

Your pal,

Mindy T. Dog


42 thoughts on “Mindy T. Dog Speaks on Important Matters

  1. Hi Mindy,
    Lucy One White here. I agree with you on finding a human or two with opposable thumbs and training them in service work. Not easy, but useful. I also hold stuff like you do, and I have retractable claws that are very helpful in this task. It makes me really mad when my human Mama Steph cuts my claws because then I can’t pin stuff down so good. I show her though and grow them back sharper than ever.
    thanks for writing, Your friend, Lucy

  2. Very well said Mindy, In the meanwhile we Tabby felines are still working on the problem and are seriously thinking about adopting a racoon as a temporary solution.

    • Tell Tabby that our cat Big Guy kept a pet ferret and they were a wonderful team. It’s good when your pet is a little bit smaller than you are. That means they can climb on top of you and you can ride them around the house laughing all the way. Just saying. And ferrets are really SMART, too.

  3. Dear Mindy,

    We have more than a foot of snow outside, so we’ve been having great fun rolling and digging and generally living it up and making our opposable thumbed buddies dry us off so we can run out through the door again. I don’t know why they aren’t coming with us. Silly humans! They don’t know what fun IS!

    Bonnie the Magical Snow Creature

    • Hi Bonnie, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog here. Your humans must have a malfunction. My human loves snow as much as I do. Maybe you need to drag them outside and show them how to make snow angels. Your pal, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog

      Hi Bonnie, Martha here. Bear doesn’t understand that for some humans snow is dangerous. Don’t listen to her, OK? Your humans are GREAT and, though I haven’t told Bear, they give you way more treats and toys than Bear gets. Yr. Pal, Martha

      • The Dog God (aka Garry) says he’s going to go outside and throw snow at the dogs soon. For some reason, there is nothing in their world as much fun as having Garry throw snow at them while they try to grab the shovel and run with it.

        (Note: If mom weren’t so scared of falling, she’d be there too. )

  4. Opposable thumbs are overrated. I would think that lovely, long coat would also go a long way towards hiding your treats from the fur-siblings. What a gorgeous (and resourceful) girl you are!

    • “My human thinks you’re great for fostering and caring about dogs. So do I. I was a rescue, and a foster dog and then I got a real home and then I got a new real home with Martha. I’ve been very lucky, but if someone hadn’t found me and taken me in, maybe I wouldn’t have been here to write my blog.”

  5. Hello Mindy T. Dog. It’s your Aussie friends, Makea Bear, Ama Mouse, and Fynnie Handsome Boy here. We see your point of view about opposable thumbs, but personally we would like to get our own treats because our hu-mum cuts them up. Apparently we have to share. Occasionally, when we are really bored, our hu-mum gives us a pizzle stick each. We like pizzles because they are very smelly so we are bored very often. Our hu-mum likes them because she is always going on about using every part of the animal.

    Mindy T. Dog, Fynnie Handsome Boy now. I love rocks too. No sooner does my hu-mum take them off me, then I find another one. The best ones are normally buried under my hu-mum’s plants.

    • “I’m an Aussie, too!”

      “No Mindy, these dogs actually LIVE in Australia!”

      I think she gets it. My dogs have to share treats, too, Makea Bear, Ama Mouse and Fynnie Handsome Boy. My dogs like apples a LOT and Mindy likes bananas and about every kind of berry. She will also pick cherry tomatoes from my plants. Maybe you guys like all that, too? And asparagus and carrots.

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