CUR-rent Events chez Mois

The door is shut. The space heater is against it. I’m on the floor, on my yoga pad, doing crunches followed by a series of exercises I learned in physical therapy to help prepare me for hip replacement. There’s a big balance ball in front of me. I have ridden the Sainted Air-Dyne for 8 miles through the early spring landscape of a high pass in the Dolomites as Youtube has graced me with some songs I like and some songs that the band must be paying them to play.

I think the curs are outside (if that’s where they want to be), then I hear a bang against the door. When the door doesn’t open right away, there is a second bang, then a third, a resolute push followed by a large black snout on a long white nose. A big white head juts into the room. The blue eyes wear a wild and panicked expression.

I push the space heater against the door and get back to it. The rumor is that everything is going to go better for me if I have done this up to the 11th hour. A little time passes. There’s another bang at the door. This time it’s a black snout followed by grizzled black nose. It pushes its way into the room and looks around. I think they’ve conferred in the living room and decided I’m in desperate trouble and need their help.

“I’m OK, Dusty. I’m just doing my physical therapy.”

Without me?” is his telepathic message.

“There just isn’t room in here, buddy.”

He backs away. I leave the door ajar. I rotate and I look through the eight inches of the opened doorway and there they are, lined up in the living room, watching me with concern. I start to laugh. They are so funny. What would they do if I WERE hurt? If I HAD fallen and couldn’t get up? Dusty has been trained to help me up if I fall, but Bear?

I’m about to learn…


Bear gets up from the living room floor and comes into the room where I’m sitting on my yoga mat, laughing. She sniffs all around and decides I’m OK, but there’s still the puzzling problem of my being on the floor. Well, if I’m on the floor, I must need to be protected. She stands over me and leans against me.

There, Martha. Now you’re safe from freezing, bears, and wolves.

“Thank you, Bear, but I can’t get up with you on top of me.”

23 thoughts on “CUR-rent Events chez Mois

  1. such loyal assistants! Jules used to walk under me when I was stretching or doing yoga, particularly things like downward dog. I never succeeded in convincing him that this was a not so wise choice of location for a walk or nap.

    • Silly kitty. Dusty used to do yoga WITH me but I don’t have the space now. We both liked Down Dog. He’s do it in front of me, facing me. It was so cute. Shavasana was the pose he was especially good at. 😉

      • I have a client who I see at her home due to her health issues. Her daughters young dog loves downward dog, too, and is delighted if I do it with her. And Shavasana is a fine pose for most of us, human, feline or canine!

  2. Well, they do say laughter is the best medicine. And, at least you are safe from bears for the foreseeable future. You have reminded me, I need to get back to yoga. If only the basement weren’t so cold…and the ceiling so low. (Yes, I can find an altitude excuse to avoid exercise. I’m talented that way.)

  3. Too funny! The dogs are really concerned for your safety, and will be more-so after your surgery! But the yoga should help!

        • It looks to me like (ha ha) it’s where it’s supposed to be. BUT I’ve heard rumors of things going awry and I cannot post comments on one of the blogs I follow so maybe, for you, my Like button has wandered off. Don’t worry about it. 🙂

  4. I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks. I could SO pictures this, Martha. Faithful loyal companions through and through. I couldn’t help but just howl at the “I can’t get up until you get off me”. omg you have to love dogs! and their delightful owner (you) lol.

  5. All the dogs seems to think a person on the floor is HILARIOUS. They nearly choke with laughter. Unless there is yelling and groaning involved. Then they get very worried and run around barking at you.

    GET UP GET UP GET UP, but it isn’t always that easy. They care, but they are very doggish in their caring.

    • I know they would do anything in their power to help me, but it would be on dog terms which, in Bear’s case, might mean my being crushed. Once — well in the months before my previous hip surgery — I went to a doc for an exam. It was scary. I came home and had a panic attack when I laid down for a nap. I really thought I was going to die. One of my huskies — Cheyenne T. Wolf — came running into my room, jumped up on my bed, and laid her body flat against mine and stared at me with a worried expression, occasionally licking my chin. She was a wild thing which made that even more amazing — and yet not.

  6. This is so cute! I love how dogs (and my Parker!) are so attuned to any difference in the ‘normal’ routines. Very happy Bear this there to protect your from freezing, bears and wolves.

  7. I liked this glimpse into your life and your relationship with your dogs. It made me feel good, like all’s well with the world, as I picture you laughing while one dog protects you and the others watch.

    • I know. I just love them. Had a very sweet moment with a miniature poodle this afternoon when I went to the vet to pick up some meds and she tried to follow me out the door. ❤

  8. My dogs love nothing better than to lean up against me in bed. One time I fell off the edge.

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