Boring Quotidian Update 93.2.a.ii

Another absurdly beautiful day here in Heaven. The nine-millionth sunny day in a row in a season that should be a LITTLE colder a LITTLE more, you know, wet???

Otherwise, nothing notable to report… That’s a good thing.

Tuesday afternoon, after physical therapy, I came home and got Dusty and Bear and we went to the slough. NO ONE WAS THERE! We were all so HAPPY! I didn’t need to worry about Dusty scaring people or Bear being ridiculously happy to meet everyone. I was struck by how — out there where no one is watering and it’s still April, nature looks like it’s supposed to. It was a peaceful, chilly, not-all-that-windy walk with a nice wild sky and one fishing raptor — I think he was an osprey but I was too far away to tell for sure.

My town has enacted watering restrictions beginning next week. We’re going to be allowed to water mornings and evenings every other day. Anyone planting new grass can ask for permission to water more often, and gardens are exempted from the restrictions. I already hate watering my grass (it seems immoral to me after living in California’s drought so long) so I don’t think this is going to impinge on my watering needs at all. As long as Hongli, Song Jiang, Li Ho and now Ssu Ma Chien have their bean needs met I’m good.

It was interesting watching French President Macron’s speech to Congress. He received cheers and standing ovations for things that are categorically NOT-Trump — rejoining the Paris accord, supporting globalization, staying in the Iran deal. In my little house in Colorado I gave him a standing ovation, too. Symbolically. He also gave his speech in English. I do not know if there has been an American president since Jefferson who could have given such a speech in French to the French parliament.

In other news, the upcoming surgery means I have to board Dusty and Bear. The cost of that was frightening me — how in the world would I find $1000 to board my dogs for two weeks? I even set up a fund-raiser on Facebook to help me out, but that made me feel weird. BUT I also contacted Noah’s Arff, our kennel in Monte Vista for an estimate. When I heard back from the owner, I was very glad I’d practice-boarded Dusty and Bear and that the kennel knows them.  They’ve given me a very good deal for the two weeks, so I deleted the fundraiser. I am just not comfortable asking people for money, even though I often donate to other people’s needs and causes. I don’t know. Just me, I guess.


Once Dusty got to know the people at the kennel, he was their best friend and Bear? Bear loves everyone immediately. I also be able to go visit them and if I’m able to bring them home sooner I can.

It’s also good business for the kennel. I live here and I board my dogs. A lot of the success of a business in the San Luis Valley depends on steady custom and word of mouth.

There is no other news from this small house in this big valley. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Boring Quotidian Update 93.2.a.ii

  1. I am glad you have more or less solved your kenneling problems with your Baskerville hounds, although it is not cheap.
    Funny thing about that Macron guy, I was really happy when he became president of France. Mr. Swiss said wait and see as the usual careful Swiss person. I have been waiting and see a very sensible person and yes, he can speak english, very rare for a French person. I am sure Mr. De Gaulle would not be happy. I would add that he is not so absolute popular amongst the french as much as in other countries. I also heard about the speech he gave in Congress, it couldn’t be better.

    • I think Macron is very sensible, too, and he seems very savvy. Trump really just wants to be liked and admired. He has no policy. Everything that comes out of his mouth is to please and satisfy his base. I don’t think he actually believes anything or has any moral center or any sense of the world outside Trump tower and his family, all of which exist as an extension of his world. I think Macron is smart in the way he treats the (semi) human Trump.

  2. The only time I ever asked — and got — money was when the well went dry. No well, no live on this piece of earth.

    I’m glad you got a good deal on boarding. Even cheap boarding isn’t cheap! I boarded my kids for ONE day because they were poisoning everything and it was $50 … and that was just from late morning until dinner time.

    • $50 for three dogs isn’t bad. For me it’s important that my dogs are safe, cared for, exercised and happy while I’m negotiating the world with a walker and staples (so I’m safe, cared for etc.) Bear would KNOW I was hurt and her response to that is to LEAN very heavily against me so I cannot move. That would be dangerous. Dusty would be fine here at home, but they love each other and since Mindy died, they’re even closer. The kennel is charging me $30/day for both. That’s really good. It’s less than half what I expected to pay. And, I also appreciate the care the owner is showing me and my dogs. There’s no price tag on that.

  3. Martha, I’m thrilled to hear your news. They sound spectacular “good people”. Both your well being physically and emotionally count, and if your like me, you’d be worrying about them constantly if they weren’t looked after well and in a loving way.
    Porsche got himself into trouble, limping front right, left back paw. By the second day it was bad and we found a vet that could come to us, examined all 3 cats and Porsche had to undergo minor surgery. Cat fight caused an abscess and he’s home and we’re all taking care of him. Everyone there fell in love with him. The care consideration for him and all of us was touching. They phoned to make sure he was ok, and offered to stay open late tonight to take the drain thing out. He’s doing well but fighting the cone. I can’t tell you how worried I was and concerned but they handled the situation with great care for all of us. Your so right, there is no price tag on that (they cut me a deal as it was $400.00 and would have been considerably more) As that is nearly half my monthly income it was appreciated.

    • I’m glad Porsche will be OK. Abcesses are bad.

      It means so much when the vet/kennel care and care, also, about the people who own the animals. In CA, it was $300 just to walk into a vet clinic and boarding was at least $40/pet per night/day and there was NO saying “that’s a lot for me.” If you said that, they handed you a brochure about a credit offering for pet care at 30% interest. I’m so glad I’m here. <3.

      • I’m so glad, too Martha. You can’t put a price on loving your pets. It is expensive. These two women cut their prices to the bone, quite literally. I’m constantly astounded at the prices. They gave us 4 full syringes of pain killer and 4 of antibiotics so that I would only have one dispensing fee, they cut other expenses too. More than that, their compassion and care with all 3 was amazing. They only charged me $45.00 to come to the house for the inspection and since there was no way to get him there it was a godsend. Although he handled the trip home well (ok sedation helped) but I realized as tears filled my eyes, how horrified and scared I was I could lose him. He’s such a part of my life, for 13 years, especially after losing my sight, my job, he was a companion I couldn’t have wished for better.

        • I know exactly how you feel. I look at Dusty T. Dog who’s been with me through thick and thin since 2006 and I KNOW he’s an old dog, but he’s more than a dog. He’s been with me and seen me through some really tough times. The worst thing about our animals is they don’t live long enough. 😦

          • I know. I shocked my daughter and son when I with tears in my eyes said, you better outlive me Porsche. My daughter said, “MOM! You have to outlive him he’s old. Well not as old as he’s gonna be! says I. lol.

              • I surely will. Just gave him his shots of antibiotic and the other to reduce inflammation and he’s really not happy with us. He never spoke until he was a year old just before we had him fixed. He yowelled, that’s when we knew it was a he not a she. He has the quietest purr and talk you’ve ever heard on a cat. I’ll try to post a picture when the cone is off. He’s stomping around now, lol, looking somewhat like a bull dog the way he walks when he’s mad or upset. It’s amusing as he’s the gentlest creature and won’t hurt us no matter what. Even fighting, he didn’t scratch, he’s strong and it’s difficult to hold him, even the vet had a time holding him down. Giving him chin scratches from you and Rubs from Dusty T. Dog. Cause those are his favorites 🙂

  4. Things work out for a reason. This is such great news, Martha. The more peace of mind you have, the better you are able to heal. That’s my feeling, anyhow!

  5. You resigned with me and i couldn’t find this blog at all. I eventually found you by tracking you through my comments. I know re “re-signed” up with me, but you weren’t on the reader. I typed in your name, but I only got your historical fiction site. Not only are they messed up, I think it’s getting worse. Because i checked you this morning and you were fine, but now you’re not.

    • I unfollowed so I could do a more legitimate search for your blog (which I’ve never been able to find with “Serendipity” BTW) and then re-followed to see how long it would take you to show up again in my reader. Both events were essentially instantaneous. You must have done all that during the 20 minutes or so I wasn’t “following” you. Don’t let this make you crazy, OK? ❤

  6. Sounds like the dogs are set, if not your hip pocket.

    Meanwhile, it is notable that Angela Merkel was not accorded the same reception in the US as Macron. Personally, I think she would be very glad by that. The less time spent with your President the better, in my opinion.

    • I have to find out what happened with Angela. I had a really busy day yesterday and never got the chance to check out that story except one clip of Whatever the Fuck that Is in the White House saying there was no collusion… :p

  7. It’s very good news, Martha, and seems to be so for all parties concerned. You moved into a good community. I, too, gave Macron a standing ovation; though I was in the car listening to his speech on NPR, my heart leaped up in appreciation of his words.

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