Quotidian Rivulets 23.1.a.iv

With the snow pack this year in the San Juan and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains as low as 20% of normal, I’m afraid my river will be a rivulet this year. By the time it gets to San Antonio, godnose what’ll be left.

In other news, the Bike to Nowhere and I rode 10 miles through the Dolomites yesterday, crossing a high Alpine pass at the end of winter. It was a beautiful ride followed by a somewhat amended PT routine. My roommates only had one moment of “OH my god what happened to her???” hysteria. Now I know what Bear would do if she thought I was hurt, and she couldn’t get to me. She would bark. She would go to the living room and bark out the window. Calling for help? No idea, but she was NOT happy until I called out, “It’s OK Bear.” Then she went outside.

The Scarlet Emperor Beans are thriving, and I am grateful to Bear for digging me a couple of good holes against wrought iron patio supports where I can plant them.

I’m also doing my first official book review — Another Good Dog by Cara Sue Achterberg. I’m a very impatient reader. If a book doesn’t grab me immediately, I might still read it (probably not) but I’ll hate every minute and regard the writer as uncool. I planned to save the book for my rehab, thinking that reading about a kind and funny woman fostering rescue dogs would be a great way to help the healing process. BUT… I opened the book as soon as it arrived yesterday, and I was grabbed. It might help me through the “HOLY SHIT I’M ABOUT TO HAVE SURGERY” process instead. You can learn more about Cara and the dogs with whom she shares her life from her blog Another Good Dog.

This is Bear’s and my song, by the way, and somehow she knows it. As soon as it started (sent to my stereo through the miracle of wifi and my iPhone) she brought me her very disgusting toy and climbed into my lap. We both especially like the last verse about walking in the snow. I hope the coming winter — which is a ways off, granted — brings snow to Bear, me and the Rio Grande. We all need it. ❤



29 thoughts on “Quotidian Rivulets 23.1.a.iv

  1. I love following the exploits of your scarlet emperor beans, let me know what it looks like from above when you climb them.

  2. You are delightful, Martha. An underlying sense of mirth in this that lightens the moment. Glad you are enjoying the book. Hmm now to find another for later, lol. Love the leper bell. Can’t wait to see “jack in the bean stock”. lol

    • I keep hoping. So far this “winter/spring” every storm has passed to the north of us — and the valley is already in a double rain shadow. But Bear and I do not give up.

      • yes, we’ve had the same problem, although recently, the storms are at least bumping our way. Still behind, but not as drastically as we were. A few more southernly dips would be good for us all!

  3. That’s what my dogs dog. They bark. If that doesn’t make something happen (like I get up off the floor, for example), they start to get really worked up and run in circles, in and out of the house barking furiously and fervently and sometimes, in my face. I’m sure what they REALLY need are more words. Are your teaching skills still up to snuff? Have you considered teaching Bear to talk? Just asking.

  4. That ride through the dolomites sounds delightful! And I’m the beans will have a good home before your surgery, too.

  5. We too, have been fretting about the snow pack (or lack thereof) in the Sierra. I don’t think it was til the beginning of this month, that you could the snow caps on the peaks. Our rain is over though, no hopes for more until November. Hope you guys get more snow. And why is it, the puppies always bring their slimiest, most disgusting toys and plop them in your lap. Maybe because it is their favorite? That’s probably it!

  6. “I planned to save the book for my rehab…” “HOLY SHIT I’M ABOUT TO HAVE SURGERY!” Well, tucked away within this posting about snow, dogs, and book reviewing, I found the real meat: Surgery. Rehab. Healing process. I’ve had three knee surgeries (same left knee), so you can understand how your writing about becoming more of a hipster than you are already does affect me. :o) I do wish you well, and know that you will be up and around quickly. I had some complications, so don’t count me as “normal” for my extended rehab stay. I refer you [back] to my blog posting “story” that came from hospital bed confinement. (Way back, you gave it a Like, Thank you.) Warm regards. https://memoriesofatime.blog/2013/09/05/making-lists-from-a-sick-bed/

    • Thank you for the good wishes. This is my second hip surgery — I had resurfacing on the other one 11 years ago. I’m OK with it all but wish, of course, it were over and rehab behind me. I remember your post — you shared it with me back when I thought I might get a knee replacement. That might happen down the road, too. When I shuffle off this mortal coil, I’ll be a pretty high percentage metal, I guess. 🙂

  7. Sorry about the lack of snow and your river. I thought it best not to write a rivulet story because I don’t want to depress my readers. I think I need another dog story. Thanks for the tip. I’m slow writing my review of Position Doubtful by Kim Mahood. I think you would find it fascinating, Martha. Just a suggestion, in case you need another book for your hospital visit.

  8. YAY. Super excited that you are reading Another Good Dog and hope it suitably distracts you so you worry less about the surgery. You will rock it. No doubt.

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