A Day of Adventure…

Yesterday was a big day on the hip replacement front, mostly because I walked 1/3 of a mile. Not all at once. I walked 2 blocks on the sidewalk in front of my house and various stray bits of distance in actual stores (!). Still and all, I did that. We had to go to the store to pick up a prescription AND we wanted shorter TED hose. The thigh high compression socks they sent home from the hospital are NOT “thigh” high on me. They’re crotch high (sorry).

We tried going to Three Barrels Pizza and Brewery in Del Norte for supper, but instead of eating pizza in this friendly little brew pub, we ended up going home. I had not been on oxygen for four hours, and it was cold in the restaurant. I learned that if you’re low on oxygen, your body’s resposes are skewed and maybe you can’t generate heat. My lips were turning blue and I was starting to see green lights around stuff.


But at least Lois was able to get her favorite local beer which is peach flavored. We headed home, but as soon as I was warmer, I began to have better color (lips turned from blue to lavender). I thought of possibile newspaper headlines, “Woman dies of hypothermia in local pizza joint.”


17 thoughts on “A Day of Adventure…

  1. These operations leave marks on us afterwards that you never expect and each person has their own problems. The main thing is to keep going no matter what. There are some days when you really do not feel like it, but persevere is all that I can say. You are getting there and walking is always good.

  2. or..’woman chills out having pizza.’ 🙂 I think you have bypassed ‘baby steps’ and are in full blown ‘I can walk’ mode. Yay for you, Martha!

  3. Hurray for being able to walk again, even with help. Hurray for being able to fix breakfast without the assistance of mechanical devices. And those problems should gradually disappear as the healing continues! Keep up the good work!

    • Yeah — some days are better than others. Today is nicer, not as hot and we looked at the rehab goals for week one and I’m ahead of the game. 🙂

  4. You are awesome! You are! So proud of you. Not easy overcoming all the obstacles at the moment, and I’m glad you have Lois there with you. I agree with Loisajay. 🙂

  5. It’s funny how many weird little side effects come with surgeries. The one that gives me the least trouble was the double mastectomy. Occasional shots of paint, but otherwise? It’s almost like having breasts. But each thing they do to us does something besides what it was supposed to do. Sometimes, that turns out to be better than you expect … sometimes, just different. You’re still at the very beginning, so it’s going to take a while for everything to settle down. Be patient. Your body is not going to speed through this. It will take its time.

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