Another Big Day

Today I was cleaning the guest room (I’m having a guest) and I looked at the Sainted Airdyne, the Illustrious Bike to Nowhere that got me here, and I thought, “I can get on it. If I can get on it, I can ride it.”

I followed the stragedy I use for getting in the shower. I lifted myself up onto the seat. I put my feet on the pedals, I went forward and backward, not sure I had enough flexion in the operated leg to do a real “ride,” a real rotation. I was happy going backward and forward, when suddenly, I did a full rotation without breaking my 90 degree precaution (an advantage of being short). I rode for about five minutes in a state of absolute wonder. I really didn’t want to do anything else, but I was afraid of overdoing it. I got off and did my physical therapy exercises.

But…I know the best way to get back on a piece of equipment like that is to “ride” two or three times a day for a short time. I went back this afternoon and rode much longer. I didn’t want to get off at all. I suppose not everyone is like this, but for me exercise is emotional catharsis. I sense that some of the pain I still have isn’t directly caused by the surgery but by other things — all the pain for so long and fear of hurting myself now, as if my body says, “If I keep hurting, you’ll be very very careful.” But care at this point is somewhat different. It also means improving my balance and reteaching my muscles how to work. So I said to my scared little self, “C’mon. This will feel good. You don’t have to go far or fast. Let’s just listen to some music and do what we can.”


21 thoughts on “Another Big Day

  1. Ride on! A major leap forward. Bet it feels great to be moving again!

    When should I call your PT to ask if you’ll be ready for the triathlon?

    • ❤ A month! I think that would be awesome. I can pave the way. 🙂

      It does feel great to move again. All those neurons were going, “Thank you thank you thank you thank you” And the pain is diminished as well.

  2. This is such a happy post! Yay for the cathartic effect of exercise, both on the muscles and on the emotions!

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