This Looks Like a Fun Writing Challenge!!!

It is with much excitement that The Outdoor Society announces Season Two of #NatureWritingChallenge! We took a break for the summer months, but now that signs of fall are all around us, it is time to pick back up this awesome writing exercise. With a whole new layout and new topics, those who love writing about the wonders and experiences found on Public Lands have another chance to share that passion with other like-minded explorers. Starting on September 10th, 2018 and running through Spring of 2019, Season Two of #NatureWritingChallenge is going to be awesome.

I may try one or two — the one this week I’ve already written; it’s about my encounter with a mountain lion and none of my animal encounters equal that, but I’m going to try some of the challenges coming up.

You get the challenge on Twitter here


8 thoughts on “This Looks Like a Fun Writing Challenge!!!

    • I seldom use Twitter but the Blogger Bash last year introduced me to some of its positive aspects and it’s necessary for book marketing. Goodreads makes my teeth itch somehow, but I occasionally use it, and, of course, my books are there. You’re a better man than I! (Obviously…)

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