Caran d’Ache

When I moved here four years ago I followed the instructions of every moving company and put my treasures in the car I drove myself. My treasures were Lily, Dusty, and Mindy (dogs), and my art supplies. I especially treasure two sets of Caran d’Ache materials — watercolor pencils and Conte crayons. I know that never in my life would I be able to replace the sets. I don’t use them. I work with a smaller set (40) and I replace each pencil as it wears down. These colors are made in Switzerland.

A long time ago I had a Swiss family. It’s a long story — pretty interesting one — but I’m not telling it here. For a few years, I spent most Christmases in Zürich with them. Often, I was given cash as a present, and one year I went to the Glatt (big shopping center in Wallisellen) and bought a giant sent of watercolor pencils. One year I wasn’t able to go to Zürich, and when my friend returned to California from time with his parents, he gave me my Christmas presents. One was the set of Conte crayons.

I have a set of Caran d’Ache gouache that I used once in a while and a set of oil pastels I’ve never used. So far they haven’t fit my technique.

For me these colors are wonderful in themselves and in the way they connect me to a time in my life that was these colors.

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17 thoughts on “Caran d’Ache

  1. Did you know that the word “карандаш” is originally russian and means “pencil”. You have just given me an idea for something. They are very good quality and the best for drawing.

  2. Love the colors. Gorgeous sets of pencils, etc. And fun to see your art as well. There is something so wonderful about a rainbow set of art materials.

  3. My granddaughter used to eat art supplies for lunch. I eventually stopped buying them. I painted exclusively with gouache — not a popular product these days.

  4. I enjoyed seeing your artwork. I especially liked the September Snow, it really popped and the Garnet Peak, love the mountains. Lovely story too!

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