Livestock Guardian Dogs

Soon after I got my Akbash dog, Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog, and began learning about livestock guardian dogs, I drove a friend to Albuquerque to get the plane to San Diego. On the way, I saw, on a barren hillside, far from any house, two Great Pyrenees — livestock guardian dogs — similar to Bear — and a herd of about 20 sheep. The dogs, though not technically herding dogs, were directing their flock gently from the rear.

It’s one of the loveliest things I’ve ever seen. I know Bear would like more work to do, but all she has are Dusty and me to take care of.



If Dusty T. Dog were a livestock guardian dog.

17 thoughts on “Livestock Guardian Dogs

  1. Today I met a man with his Tibetan guard dog. The owner told me proudly that he has a photo from the grandfather of the dog in Tibet, where they live in the yurta or whatever they are called and probably guard yaks. It was a wonderful white very fluffy dog and pure bred apparently. How would that be Martha, I am sure it would fit in your herd.

  2. There was a video on FaceBook yesterday showing a border collie herding a flock of geese through city streets. I swear the dog look a bit embarrassed. He had a thought balloon which said “Guys, really, I’m a SHEEP dog, not a goose dog. But, y’know, these geese (squawk) need tending. Excuse me, let me grab that gander over there …”

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