The Dark Side of the Bright Side

My dogs got new meds. These meds gave them both seriously upset tummies and, this, morning a seriously upset human companion. Consequently, the Afghan rug in the studio is damp and the rugs from the kitchen floor are in the washer.

Oh well. At least they didn’t wake me up to go out, right? 😦

26 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Bright Side

  1. Poor dogs — will they get used to the meds, or do you need to change them? At least you had a good night’s sleep!

    • I don’t know — I will probably just stop giving them the meds. They’re not absolutely necessary. The idea was to make Dusty more comfortable.

  2. Not sure if you are aware we have a new addition to the family, a pure bred german shepherd. He’s adorable with a fabulous personality! My son is learning about “puppy dumb” and the poor thing had an upset tummy a week ago with the same results as your pooches. The last couple days he’s had full-fledged diarrhoea. Not sure if it’s the diet or he’s anxious because my son leaves to go to work. He’s always been an outside dog and now he’s half and half and he’s big, I mean big! He’s 5 months old and weight 61 lbs. and he’s added 6 lbs in a week and the vet has monitored him. It’s all dog! D O G and he’s going to get BIG if the paws are any indication. Looking for answers that help with tummy upset if you have any suggestions, I’d gratefully appreciate. He’s used to 1/3 can dog food, 1/2 cup dry and vegetable peels carrots, beets and whatever the family was eating. We’ve continued with the same diet but recently he doesn’t seem to appreciate carrots. We were told yogurt or pumpkin settles tummies. I’ve searched the net vigorously but haven’t found much. Any help you can give would be appreciated as you are a long time dog owner 🙂

    • I have the answer. Make him dinner for a few days, boiled chicken and rice. Cook the rice so it’s very soft. I used canned chicken because it’s easier, but you can use the “real” stuff. When his tummy starts to calm down, give him a couple tablespoons of canned pumpkin — it really does work — with his meals. A little yoghurt, too, yeah, that’s a good idea. Feed him twice a day not once; it’s easier for them to digest smaller meals.

      I also think taking him to the vet to make sure he hasn’t picked up a bug is wise. Puppies don’t have a dog’s immune system. When she was young, Bear had a lot of problems that now she doesn’t have.

      Do not give him your people food until he’s a grown dog. It’s way too much variety for a puppy’s tummy.

      He sounds wonderful! I love German shepherds and you know I’m partial to big dogs.

      • Thank you so much, Martha. We’ll institute the new diet tonight. Adam’s already put food down, which he doesn’t seem interested in eating. I’ve got canned chicken and lots of rice. Done. I so appreciate this!!!!!!!!!!! hugs serious hugs

          • Adam took him for a car ride and he puked acid all over. He wants to be outside so that’s where he is for the time being. I’m cooking rice and have canned chicken, if he’ll eat. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s Adam’s going to work that has him so upset. That or not eating for 8 hours at night…he gets 2 meals and 2 snacks of dry food. Maybe he’s getting too hungry. The vet said he’s growing extremely fast and it’s all structure, no fat. He’s a lean dog but he’s done well for 1 1/2 months and this is a sudden thing. We’re waiting to hear if he has to have surgery on his upper legs. It could be he’s growing too fast and it’s not melding as it should but we won’t know that for another 1 1/2 months. Still paying 1200.00 for a purebred that has health issues isn’t right. He was touted as a healthy dog with none of the hip displacement issues of german shepherds because he’s purebred first gen. Now we find out it’s his front legs can’t remember the name of the part, but it’s a little triangle..6000.00 for surgery.

            • I’d be sure he doesn’t have a parasite or a bacterial infection. A very bland diet for a while will help.

              Dogs have growth spurts like people.

              I think most dog problems are not psychological unless (like Dusty) they’ve been severely abused at some point in their lives. Some dogs have separation anxiety, but that is usually dogs who are really left completely alone for hours at a time.

              Purebred dogs are a risk, always. I had a purebred labrador retriever I had to put to sleep because she was insanely dog aggressive. She killed one of my dogs and went for another one. It was the saddest thing ever to put that beautiful dog down when she was only 2 years old. 😦

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