In the Spirit of Halloween

Good to read even if you are not a climber. ❤

In the spirit of Halloween, what scares me the most about climbing?

Most people will tell you: falling is scary, placing gear is scary, and looking down on highballs is scary. Indeed, these things can make anyone as pale as a ghost. To me, leading is the best, but leading is also the most daunting (or haunting). New or experienced, all climbers have faced or will face the spooky aspects of leading. Here’s a few tips on how to face your fears (on lead).

  1. Take the fall. Even if falling doesn’t seem to bother you, skip the take and simply fall. Get into the habit of falling at any clip.
  2. Talk to your belayer. As wimpy as you might sound, just make some contact. “Are you there?”, “do you have me?”, “I’m a little scared,” or “I might fall” are all good ways for you to feel sure that your…

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