Sweet Dog Walk

It’s been almost three months since Dusty, Bear and I went out to the Wildlife Refuge. A combination of things has kept us doing other walks, most notably the possibility of encountering the Icky Man and then the first month and a half of hunting season. Since I’ve never seen the Icky Man in the place I was headed toward, I didn’t take weapons. We were rewarded with solitude, beauty, and silence. I was so happy to see “my” river again. 

I tried to walk fast, but failed, except in intervals. I guess we went just under 2 mph. I tried not stopping to look at stuff all the time, tried not allowing Bear to read messages or examine snow, but it was hopeless. 

18 thoughts on “Sweet Dog Walk

  1. Sounds to me like you should allow yourself time to small the… well, whatever it is you smell in the wildlife refuge in the winter.

    • P.S. I’m trying to wean myself off the bike to nowhere, but we (dogs and I) don’t cover enough miles fast enough to count as aerobic exercise OR get me ready for summer when I hope to be able to hike up in the mountains and see things. I’ve accepted that just might not happen and I’m semi-OK with it, but there are places I want to see that I can only reach on foot. One of them is a 28 mile round trip. I can’t do that at 1.6 mph 🙂

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