Autumn’s End

This is the harmonious mix of colors in Heaven’s wetlands right now. It’s pretty quiet out there. Most of the birds have, uh, flown. The slough is frozen and the river winds along slowly. There’s ice on both sides trying very hard to grow across the middle. The time will come and people will skate on it.

Dry grass and bare limbs are perfect camouflage for my deer. The buck’s antlers are very like the leafless branches of the trees. The deer wander back and forth a mile or so along the track, using the tank cars as cover. Good call as no hunter is going to shoot toward those things.

Snow is in the forecast for four days including Christmas. We will not get much. The mountains will, and that’s what matters. Behind the storm will be a few very cold days, meaning the snow will stay a while and the beige, gray, black and blue harmony of late fall will change to the miraculous blue and white purity of cold.

10 thoughts on “Autumn’s End

    • Sometimes I look at these same scenes in summer when it just seems like a frenzy of green and I think, “I know you don’t have a lot of time to do this, but damn. Calm down!” This is the season I like because it isn’t pushing anything or anyone. Maybe that’s just life in an agricultural town in winter.

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