Cat Food

Long long ago in a faraway land known as San Diego I had 10 cats. More accurately, they had me. I only wanted two, but they brought their pals and their pals brought their pals. My international students adopted cats then returned to their home countries, leaving us their cat. Our vet found cats and called us. “We found a beautiful cat living in a VW in a junk yard.” THAT couldn’t have been random. They were LOOKING. Anyway, there we were. Ten cats. All kinds. The Mexican kids on my street called me “La Bruja de Los Gatos.” The Cat Witch.


This problem (not sure yet if it was a problem) was exacerbated because the cats were fed on the veranda, outside the back door. One night my roommate and I looked out and saw two NEW “cats” peacefully eating from the cat dishes. The cats — my cats — hung out at a distance from the new comers, watching warily as the newcomers ate. We named them. There really wasn’t much choice since the other “cats” all had names. We named them “Vagrant and Fragrant.”

34 thoughts on “Cat Food

  1. Fun. Did the possum and skunk come together or on separate occasions? I used to leave cat food out for a stray on our deck, and both skunks and raccoons partook of the feast. Don’t think we have possums here.

    • We saw them together and separately. I don’t think they met up then arrived for dinner. Probably just a coincidence. The possum lived in my palm tree.

  2. That is sooo cool! So, you sort of had 10 cats a possum and a skunk!? You were a regular dr Doolittle!!

  3. Vagrant and Fragrant – perfect! I think I’d like to have ten cats someday. but it will have to be after Nicholas is no longer with me since he’s allergic. that will be my consolation for losing him – ten cats (but no skunks or possums!)

  4. Skunks make pretty nice pets, if you can deal with the um, stink. I’ve had ferrets, which smell like mildly scented skunks. We got used to it. And of course, we also had dogs and cats.

  5. I’d rather 10 cats than the 3 little yappy dogs that my neighbor has, even if the cats came with a skunk and a possum!

      • One or maybe 2 cats would be perfect. I already have possums and skunks in the neighborhood, and they live their own lives, so they’re not a problem. I’d just as soon not have to listen to the 3 little yappy dogs!

      • At one point I had one cat. When I came home from work, the cat would crawl out the window and walk proudly down the front walk to greet me. That was very nice, and he was a real friend. But then I had employment that required a LOT of travel, and it would not have been fair to any animal, so I’ve not had cats or dogs for many years. When I’m no longer away from home as much as I am now, one or two cats would be good — I agree that 10 would be too many, particularly if they’re the indoor cats I’d have to have here (too many coyotes around for outdoor cats)!

        • My cats were indoor-outdoor cats. I never ever ever planned to have 10. But I took care of them and some of them were free spirits, some were devoted pets and friends. I called them “Alien Space Cats from Outer Space” because really, where did they come from? Only Fred (Chada, the other cat I got on purpose, got hit by a car) was an intentional cat. The rest?

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