“Whoa ho ho ho looking at my backdoor”

I live in a 90 year old house in one of the coldest regions of the lower 48 states. My little old house is not as well insulated or air-tight as new houses. When the temperature gets to the VERY negative numbers, there’s frost inside some of the windows. There’s always frost inside my back storm door in winter, and sometimes that door is frozen shut. Not to the point that I can’t open it, but, yeah. I dream of a vinyl window in my bedroom and a better storm door, but, in the meantime.

When a fog passes through on the frigid backside of a snow-dumping front, frost transforms everything.

23 thoughts on “Magic

  1. I iived in a few places in Switzerland where we had pretty patteerns on the windows after a frosty night, but now modern times have caught up with us. I walk around in t-shirts during Winter.

  2. That looks COLD! It hasn’t been below freezing this year, though there has been frost on the roofs several mornings. The vinyl windows help, although the downstairs is chilly compared to upstairs — I haven’t figured out where the cold air is coming in!

    • It’s been cold, but it’s OK with me. It means (besides my own selfish pleasure) that there will be water in the river this year and some of the crops will have a better chance, like hay. Maybe there’s an under-the-door draft?

      • I think the water situation will be a little better here this year as well — the snowpack is at 100% after last week’s storms, and the lake is 6 feet higher than it was even a month ago! I’ve thought about under the door — will try one of those snaky sock things to block it!

    • It is magical. It muffles everything, softens the edges of the world and is just so beautiful. I like the feeling of cold and I dress for it. I’m really happy out in it, but most of the time I’m out there alone with Bear.

        • I remember when Lily saw snow for the first time. It was just a little patch up in the Lagunas. She looked at it, sniffed it, felt it with her paws, then threw herself down on it. Ariel and I used to make snow-angels side-by-side. The wonderful thing about dogs who love snow is they love it as much as I do. 🙂 I’d love to see your dogs in the snow — they’d probably do what Lily did the month before she died and her first REAL snowstorm hit — she would not come in. ❤

          • I do have photos, Martha. I will do a post. I enjoyed their enjoyment. There was a lot that snuffling in drifts in hopes that creatures may be hiding underneath the white stuff. Makea just wanted to run and run. Ama wanted to hunt.

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