Sometimes flight doesn’t go as planned. I’m pretty sure this Canada goose wasn’t counting on the raven, the hawk or the fox that brought him down. I let the dogs examine the feathers in the snow. There wasn’t much left of a carcass and no revealing tracks, so he must have fallen before the snow did.

Two meters from him are the feathers of a red tail hawk. This makes me think both birds fell victim to the “team” of ravens who hang out in the tall cottonwood trees. I’d like to think it is “my” fox, but the thing about nature is I don’t write the endings. The image of my fox jumping for a diving hawk is beautiful, but I think the hawk dived for a squirrel, the ravens went, “Dude! Two for one!” and descended like, uh, ravens.

Downed Redtailed Hawk

It’s pretty harsh out there for all its beauty.

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