Snow Job

When I fell skiing last week, it was because I lost my balance. I lost my balance because the snow basket on one of my poles got lost the second time I went out. As I glided (truly!) around a curve, my inside pole, the one without the basket, went in too deeply and PLOP! I made my first sitzmark in decades.

I watched a Youtube video to re-learn how to get up from a fall on Nordic Skis. There’s no way to do this without it being hilarious to onlookers. My big fear was putting my hips in the “no-no” positions. It appears the NEW (is it really?) new way to get up involves rolling onto your back, grabbing your knees in the “tuck and cover” position and rolling sideways back onto your skis. Voilá! You’re upright and skiing again. That’s not what I learned back in the day, but who knows. Gravity might have changed in the meantime.

I plowed through some pretty deep snow last Friday. I think getting up from a fall in that would be a different proposition completely.

6 thoughts on “Snow Job

  1. Thanks for the film with instructions. I am sure I can do it now, just a matter of practice and it is probably quicker than the wheelchair on the snow. Where’s the motor on the skis?

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