Pondering Inevitability and Taking a Stand

I got up, let the dogs out, made coffee, put it on the stove, made my breakfast smoothie, let the dogs in, fed the dogs, took my daily meds, moved the lap top to the table in the “room of all life” and opened to the RDP daily prompt. I found an SAT word that I always kind of liked, and it has given me my chance to take my stand here and now.

Even though my position is completely unavailing, I’m diametrically opposed to Spring. Why?

Spring is NOTHING but hype.

Allow me to present my argument.

First and foremost, where I live, spring is manic. Everyone can get settled into the noxious fecundity of this season, gasping at the unsurprising beauty of a crocus “Oh oh, my first crocus! Spring is really here! Hope is reborn!” and we can have a hard freeze in May or a big dump of snow.

I live in hope of the snow dump.

Second, it’s muddy. My alley has ruts six inches deep in this slimy mess. The trails I hike could easily suck off my shoes. Never mind the dogs’ feet bringing all that into my house, onto my hardwood floors, sand paper, essentially.

Third, and most egregious, it ends in summer. Once spring starts, there’s no going back. Even a hard freeze in May or a large snow dump won’t stop it. Summer comes. As the poet said, “If spring comes, can summer be far behind?” What? That’s not what he said?

Spring brings us to summer which brings me to lawn-mowing (which I hate), watering (which I hate paying for), gardening (which I barely do having learned how well the birds are at tending my garden). In June there are four or five really hot days, too. The tourists come from Texas and clog my street with giant RVs and noise from Memorial to Labor Days. Golfers return to “my” golf course which means we can’t walk there. Summer is just one long day after the other, often ending in torrential rain and hail.

Stoic that I am, I make the best of it. It doesn’t last forever.

I thought I was alone in having these feelings, but yesterday I got an email from my local Nordic ski club with the tagline, “It ain’t over yet!” and a short report of trails they’ve recently groomed. OK, I might have to drive further than half a block to get there, but…

23 thoughts on “Pondering Inevitability and Taking a Stand

  1. Spring is a tease around here, too. We don’t really GET spring. We get a few hours of it. Then, it’s summer. There’s a warmer-than-winter period, followed by the thick, humidity of summer — my least favorite season, then blessedly, fall.

  2. How we all have our own preferences. Today was a fantastic day, warm and temperatures of 18°C, I could feel the warmth on my skin again and I am glad I do not live in the high places with the snow and ice. Tomorrow it will be raining. And I saw something today that I wish you had seen as well. A lady was taking a walk with her dog, an Alaskan Malamute. I wish you could have seen it. I am sure it would fit in your dog family. Perhaps not as big as Bear, but almost and the fur. Fantastic.

  3. Well, I’m with you on the muddy mess, but I do love the smell of spring and not having to put on sooooo many layers!

    • Yeah, I know. I happen to live in a cold place where the sun shines so even when it’s in the 20s if there’s no wind and the sun is shining it doesn’t feel so cold. I go around with a wool base layer and down sweater most of the winter. I know I’m lucky. ❤

  4. I am with you on this. We pretty much go from our warmish weather to hot. March will tease us with cold in the morning and hot by the time I get off work. April is always iffy with the heat and then I hold out for as long as I can in May before the a/c goes on. Nope, I am not a spring/summer kinda gal.

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