Out of Life’s Haze

I’ve culled some 400 posts from the first year of my blog. I’m happy about that, but it makes it seem dumb to write more. It’s been good re-reading good blog posts, seeing how often I hated the Daily Prompt (almost daily) and reliving the experience of quitting teaching and returning to Colorado — all of that was done in a haze of urgency. I found short stories I’d forgotten about. I still have a ways to go (four more years!!!)

On my mind (and on other peoples’ minds, I’m sure, is the Mueller report. I wasn’t surprised by what was written in AG Barr’s letter. I would have been very dismayed had collusion with Russia been confirmed. I also don’t think Mueller is in — was in — a position to accuse DJT of Obstruction of Justice. Leaving the door open is all he could do. The anger (upon anger upon anger) this has unleashed is awful. Our country is very sick, and DJT is both symptom of the illness and cause. We sorely need a leader who can heal the divisiveness, but I don’t see one on the horizon.

In other news, we sneaked a walk on the golf course yesterday. Dusty is usually off leash once we’re off the streets. The pretty bulldog girl belonging to Mr. Martinez joined Dusty. I turned around at one point and saw them investigating a bush. In the olden days, Dusty would’ve barked fiercely at another dog, but yesterday, he just made friends. I was so proud of my dog. A friend said she was impressed by the love I feel for my canine companions.

I am with them 24/7. We’re companions and friends. We share experiences and wish the best for each other. We intuitively know a lot about each other. My dogs have always been my ticket out into the wild world.

Many of the aptitude tests I’ve taken (to find good ones for my students over the years) have said I should be an animal trainer or farmer, that I have a strong connection with animals.

I felt bad yesterday when I had to send the bulldog home because Bear was leashed and would have protected me. I couldn’t let Bear go. That’s something I’m going to have to work on with her.

Back to culling…


9 thoughts on “Out of Life’s Haze

  1. It gets really hard training a dog to NOT do what its DNA tells it to do. Other things are simpler. Having grown up with Dobies, I remember how hard it was to teach them that a simple HUG wasn’t an attack. Their job was to protect — and they did that job brilliantly.

    • Off leash, Bear is every dog’s friend. On leash, I don’t know. I don’t think she would have attacked the little bull dog, but I couldn’t be sure and I wasn’t letting her go. I feel bad, though. I wanted to meet the bull dog and tell her what a good girl she was. At the same time, I want Bear to defend me when she’s unleash. My summer adventures depend on that.

  2. A big dog in defense mode is a very scary thing.

    If the Democrats are smart they’ll let it lie. Since they are as stupid as the GOP, they’ll probably continue to pursue as a way to throw red meat to the true believers. Make the same mistake the GOP did over Lewinsky and they’ll reap the same reward. Someone from the “other party” in the Whitehouse.

    Sometimes I really don’t think that either party really wants to lead the entire nation. They prefer to lead their followers and subjugate their opponents.

    • P.S. Bear is scary and funny and graceful in defense mode. I don’t think she takes it very seriously in a way. She’s like, “Ho hum, I must defeat you now and then go back to my happy life with Martha.” Fierce but chill. Kind of a scary combination.

    • Partly. I don’t want to pay for storage and there’s just a lot of garbage like me bitching about the Daily Prompt 3 or 4 times/week. And I wanted to see what’s back there — I found some good stories (shared one). 🙂

  3. I only occasionally write for the prompt now. I find I have other things I want to write about, but don’t get to because of the distraction. Still I like the people who write for it, and they occasionally bring fresh ideas (including for zany photos).

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