Snow Angel(s)

“It’ll be a long time, won’t it.”

“It could snow again this year, Bear, but it’s not likely.”

“Who took it?”

“See that thing over there? That bright thing?”


“That’s the thief. He stole the snow and he bullied winter out of the way.”

“Where did winter go?”


“I have no idea what that is.”

“I know, Bear.”

“I’m really thirsty, Human.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t bring us water. I had no idea it was going to be so hot.” The human, worried about her dog, was already resolved to find water somewhere between here and home. When they saw a patch of snow hiding in the shade of some willow trees, they both headed straight to it. Bear looked at it, and at her human. “It’s OK, Bear. It’s for you.” The human took some steps toward it, but didn’t want to stand in it. There was barely enough for her dog. Bear always wanted to share. The human hoped she was close enough that Bear would feel they were sharing the winter’s white gift. The big white dog put her nose down and took bite after bite of God’s sno-cone before lying down and rolling in it.

At home, the human, feeling sticky and melancholy, took a shower and, for the first time in months, put on a cotton shirt instead of a wool one.

12 thoughts on “Snow Angel(s)

  1. Charming. Love the contrast between your not wanting to eat any snow for fear there wouldn’t be enough and Bear eating his fill and then rolling in it!

    • ❤ Bear stood back to let me have first crack at it. I had to go to the very edge and lean forward and grab a tree before she'd go in. We really have spring around my house 😀

      • Yes, I know, but his final act was one of pure doggie pleasure. Your needs long forgotten and/or your previous action taken as fact, not generosity. Difference between doggie brain and mama brain. Kids would probably do the same.

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