Bear and I Attend Winter’s Goodbye Party

“See, Human? It’s not over.”

“Bear, don’t be fooled. It’s just a spring snow.”

“But it’s been falling all day!”

“It will be gone tomorrow.”

My dog is suddenly on high alert, looking ahead at something that moved on the snow-covered dirt road. I look.

It’s a robin. I think the scene is a perfect metaphor for this moment of the year when winter drags its feet on the way out.

“That’s what I mean, Bear. It’s spring.”

“THAT’S spring?”

“No, that’s a robin, but there are more of them, see?”

“I can catch them all.”

“It won’t help. There are millions of them all over the place. I think one is even building a nest at our house.”

“OUR house?”

“Every year, Bear.”

When we return to the golf course after our long ramble in the fields, the groundskeeper/superintendent has just arrived. He hops out of his truck.

“I see you found your dog.” When Bear ran away, I alerted him.

“Yeah. Thank goodness.”

“Does she run away a lot?”

“No. That was the first time.” In fact, Bear has gotten loose a couple of other times, but she never ran away. She ran TOWARD. It’s very different.

We talk for a bit, he relates a saga of a woman who came that morning, let her dogs out of her truck, how they pooped right by Mark’s workshop and then the woman and the dogs went on a walk around the golf course.

“I put a note on her windshield,” he said. “I was nice, but I asked her to clean up after her dogs. She did.”

“I think we need more trash cans.” There are none.

Mark threw his cigarette on the snowy parking lot and smashed it with his foot. “Maybe. I’m not worried about you. You and your dogs are all right with me.”

Maybe because I take time to talk to him? Maybe because I’m truly sympathetic to his situation? Maybe because my dogs are leashed so I know if and where they poop? Maybe because, for me, the golf course is a way out to the fields and dirt roads, not my real destination? I thought about that and I think it’s the first. His job is pretty lonely and most of what he hears are complaints. Or maybe because my dogs and I are just all right with him.

Winter’s goodbye party ended with a nice gift for Dusty, Bear and me. We get to “keep” “our” golf course.


Meanwhile, I’ve deleted more than a thousand posts from this overgrown blog. I’ve reposted several and found a few good short stories. I’m clearly not writing stuff equal to the stuff I was writing a couple of years ago which is mildly discouraging. Maybe I’m done or maybe I’m done for now, I don’t know. Time will tell. OH should you decide to do the same with your blog, I found the easiest way is to go into WP Admin and use the old blog list and old “Classic” editor both for eliminating posts and images which is a separate chore.

11 thoughts on “Bear and I Attend Winter’s Goodbye Party

  1. I think we run out of “first run” stories, though some pop-up later, like lost memories that just got found — again. I’ve been doing a lot of rewriting and I like my rewrites MUCH better than the originals.

  2. A couple weeks back, Loki got loose and took off. My son had to go to work and was late as he went looking. I could hear Loki, and knew he was some distance away. A very dear young man named Josh was driving along the highway and he captured Loki and tied him up with a rope until Loki’s tag could locate him and he left work to go meet Josh. Loki’s been nervous around traffic since and rightfully so. Eager excited pup amid highway traffic. Thank goodness for Josh who took the time to keep him safe! until my son could get there. Tragedy averted, thank god!

      • I am too. He said he has 3 german sheps of his own and knows how rambunctious they can be. I would hug him if I knew where he was. My son has his number and is going to give him a reward of some sort though he said no to it when they met. I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to Loki. I love him dearly!

        • When Bear took off last week, Dusty and I were both in a panic. So was she. She got to a place where she could see and hear Dusty and me but she couldn’t get to us. I was grateful she went toward the golf course and away from the highway. I’m grateful to Dusty for his sharp nose and to me for knowing enough to follow his nose to Bear. Bear is really the light of my life. ❤

          • I get that. Bears very very special. I’m stunned at how Loki has so completely won my heart. Don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to him. He’s got a beautuful personality. He’s conscientious loving, kind, gentle. And incredibly smart. Adam took him to a training center for digs, and they were astounded and although the woman has dogs, she said she fell in love with Loki. Everyone that sees him falls in love ecpven ppl on Adams walks that he cones across that are totally in love with their own pets tell him, Loki one in a million, and they often sigh and say they wish they had a dog like him. I thought it funny at first, but I realize he’s got that kind of personality that reaches out to others. I know when you speak of bear, I’m a little in love. There s something that reaches out about a sow I so animal. Its irresistible.they just have it.

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