My Grandma’s Trunk

I found a trunk very similar to my grandma’s trunk on an auction site, though it’s larger and in slightly better condition with the original paper covering still in place. It has patent dates of 1865 which seems pretty likely to me for my old trunk. It means it’s likely to have belonged to my grandmother’s grandmother, Phoebe Copenbarger, the daughter of Elizabeth Snavely (Schneebeli) the last person in my family to have the glorious Swiss name of Schneebeli. Phoebe very likely bought it new and took it with her west from Wythe County, Virginia (See The Price) to Iowa by covered wagon in the 1860s.

The other posts I’ve written (that will certainly make this one less cryptic and provide needed context) are here

“Schneebeli” means “Little snowball” and the family actually had/has a crest. This is really, “Schneebeli von Baden und Affoltern am Albis.” I’m afraid if I saw three snowballs on a shield I wouldn’t be sure whether to laugh or fight, but yeah, this is legit. But I guess it means any fight they fought was a snowball fight…

12 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Trunk

  1. Wow, I love the crest! One so rarely sees balls, snow or otherwise, on heraldry these days. Shame. Hey – your full name includes the royal “von”, I see. Do you still have your tiara??

    • Yeah, well, I just imagine how unconvincing that crest must have been going into battle. It took balls to carry it :p The family devolved into mill owners and farmers by the 16th century, so I guess they sold my tiara.

  2. I guess it must be me. I can’t reply to anyone. The reply button says loading…. then nothing. I have to click on someone elses’ comment in order to chat. I guess I need to check up on my end of things to find out whats going on.

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