It’s been about a month since I last posted and I am honestly glad to have stopped trying to write something interesting every day for my blog.

In the meantime I have finished a draft of the China book and sent it off to Beth Bruno my editor for a critique. The book is a collection of anecdotes and that turned out to be difficult to organize. I really need help with that and fresh eyes, as well, and all they may discover. Meantime I’m sorting photos and I think I have designed a cover.

Lois and her developmentally disabled son were here for the weekend and we went to the Sand Dunes — it was blustery and cold but very beautiful.

Reflection of Mt. Herard in Medano Creek — snow fell lightly while we were there

Otherwise life has gone on as always (and I’m grateful!) — walking the dogs etc. The Rio Grande is higher than I’ve ever seen it from a 160% snow pack — and it snowed again over this past weekend. Not here, much to my and Bear’s dismay, but in the mountains. A few ski areas are still open…

Rio Grande River covering two islands

The garden was getting going, but the cold spell killed a tomato and a basil plant and slowed down everything, still chard and salad are up as are cosmos. The iris are beautiful

So..as you see, not much to report after a month’s hiatus!

21 thoughts on “Update…

  1. It is enough to report anf glad you are well. I also had a problem with a basil. One died with frost symptoms, but the second is surviving züupnro now. Good luck with your book, anf Tabby says may the dogs be well

  2. Lovely to hear from you. Sand dunes look like a wonderful place to visit! Look forward to the next update as you progress on your book!!

        • Definitely, especially as it is mostly based on posts I wrote for my blog, each an independent capsule with a particular audience in mind. It was a little tricky pulling back from that and revising them.

  3. I love the grays, tans, and the general melancholy feeling I got when I looked at your sand dunes photo – it is stunning! The rivulets of water are also a nice touch to the photo.

    Also, the weather has been just crazy! I am ready for spring, and the planting of our tomatoes and peppers. I’ve never planted this late before, never! Today it’s windy, cloudy, and cool here, but the tomatoes and peppers are going in, so M. Nature better behave now! 🙂

      • We finally just got a taste of summer today – 82° and 🌞. Our pepper and tomato plants are happy today.

        • Minnesota? What? 😉

          !he three tomatoes I put out frosted as did my marigold. 😦 Tomorrow we’re supposed to finally NOT have freezing or below at night and all this starving houseplants are going outside. If it doesn’t work, Well, that’s that. 😀

  4. Almost the end of May and winter hasn’t completely died here either. Temps in the mid-50s here and rainy. Heavy snow in the mountains. Mammoth got 2 feet of it. I’m hoping it means a cooler than normal summer.

  5. Best of luck with the book Martha, 🙂 We had our European election vote here in Ireland. Green party gaining a lot of votes. Concern for the environment a big issue here.

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