Teddy Bear Day Three

It looks like Teddy will be staying and I’m very happy about it. This morning I got up and put them all outside, shut the back door and went to bed. When I got up for “reals,” it was clear they’d all be playing hard. I was very happy. I got Teddy as a playmate for Bear. At first Bear’s nose was out of joint and she sulked in the back yard

I got to see them play this afternoon — it’s pretty funny to watch a giant breed livestock guardian dog play with a small mini-Aussie puppy. First they chase each other, then they wrestle. Teddy needs to be neutered, and it’s obvious in his play strategy which starts with him humping Bear, Bear walking away and laughing in his face. There’s no way he can dominate her.

I think dog play is good for dogs. It develops good manners in puppies, entertains them and makes them tired. I’ve felt bad that Bear has had no playmate since she moved here. Dusty also appears to want to play, but he’s bad at it. I also noticed he is protective of the puppy which astonishes and pleases me.

They get very dirty in the yard they’ve customized which is OK. It’s a chance for me to teach Teddy to like getting his face washed.

This afternoon, we took our third walk and practiced “stop/sit” commands again. Teddy met the kids at the end of the block, and that was great. We haven’t seen them in a while so Bear and I were also happy to find them outside. They loved Teddy but in their eyes NOTHING compares to Bear.

Teddy is younger than I first thought which is fine. Someone already did the hard work of housebreaking a male dog (thank you unknown person) and I just have to teach him good manners in the house and with people. He has Australian shepherd nature which means he’s loyal to his person. I went out to get the mail and found he’d climbed up on one thing that would allow him to look outside to watch what I was doing — the coffee table. I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t be angry. I just have to teach him that’s not OK and an easy way to do that is to put barriers there.

I’d say so far we’re happy he’s here. Bear has her hiding place from him, his from her and Dusty has the potential to be VERY assertive (which I want to avoid), but so far it’s just been a very clear, “No!” when Teddy trespasses Dusty’s space.


13 thoughts on “Teddy Bear Day Three

  1. Martha–I am so happy to read this! And Dusty is protective of the puppy, and the puppy is going to protect you…does it get an sweeter?

    • It’s wonderful so far. It could change, but I think Bear’s energy is going to keep things calm. She’s amazing to watch with the puppy. ❤

  2. I love your reports and getting to see all 3 in action, Martha! Thanks for sharing. So happy to hear Teddy is a keeper!❤️

  3. Good luck! Duke is very determined to be dominant dog and is gradually succeeding because Bonnie and Gibbs are getting old and they just don’t want the hassle. Fortunately, there’s no fighting, no blood or gore … just pushing, pushing, pushing. But Duke is relentless and the older dogs would just as soon take a nap.

    • Teddy is just very nice and still a puppy. He’s smart and savvy, too. Bear played with him all day, Dusty too, they’re all tired. I’m impressed by his desire to learn and please me. It’s been more than 24 hours since he jumped up on me and I’ve never given him a food reward for sitting. I’m looking forward to his being micro-chipped and having a proper tag for him and his vaccines all good so I feel safer about taking him to quieter places a couple times a day to work with him. Bear plays until she can’t stand it any more and she hides. He gets that and doesn’t bother her in her hiding place. I’m so grateful you talked me into getting my livestock guardian dog. She’s so much more than a dog. She’s my friend. ❤

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