Good Doggone Morning!


Polar Bear Yeti T. Dog has demonstrated her breeding as a livestock guardian dog and her general sweet nature in the last couple of days as Teddy has recovered from sadness and diarrhea. She plays with him until she’s exhausted (he’s not). She’s patient and wise, gently tells him when he’s out of line, and keeps him where he’s supposed to be. I’m not sure she really likes him yet, but she understands that he’s here to stay.

They’re cute. Bear is SO MUCH BIGGER than Teddy, but he puts his head down in classic Australian shepherd fashion and “herds her” outside to play. I think it’s really cool. I’ve seen these dogs work as partners with a herd of sheep — really one of the beautiful things life has offered me to watch.

I let them out this morning hoping to sleep a little more (I didn’t, I worried with my bedroom door closed). I left the backdoor open so they could go in and out of the house. I had no idea what I’d find when I got up, but when I opened my bedroom door, I found a house with everything where it is supposed to be and three happy dogs telling me “Good morning.”

I gave Bear a break from puppy-sitting this morning and left Teddy outside so she, Dusty and I had a few minutes of quiet time with the RDP and coffee. Insider tip: buy stock in whatever company makes the rawhide pencils I give my dogs.

Otherwise, I’m just waiting on the edits for the China book. It’s good Teddy arrived now. I’m kind of looking for a blog tour for it — any suggestions? As always and ever my $$ is limited. I’d also love reviewers so if you’re interested in the subject — which is simply (and I mean simply) the experiences of ONE person in ONE city in the People’s Republic of China during ONE year (1982/83) teaching English, let me know. It’s not more than that, but I think it’s a good story. I’m thinking of putting together advanced reading copies for Kindle. I’m thinking of going whole-hog with this book, including a book launch in a Denver bookstore. I think that young woman who went to China deserves it.

P.S. If you are thinking of getting a dog, get two. You’ll have half the work. Get one, acclimate it to your lifestyle and socialize it well. Then get another. They’ll have friends that way, you won’t have to start from ground zero with dog number two. I had no idea about that until I got my first real dog, Truffle, then, when she was older, I got her a puppy. Training Truffle was a lot of work. Training Molly was not nearly as difficult. Dogs are conformists and they look to each other to know what to do in the “den.”

Truffle and Molly, 1987

16 thoughts on “Good Doggone Morning!

  1. What beautiful dogs you have, Martha! Cute is the word! Glad to hear Teddy is better now. 🙂

  2. Absolutely! You have to train the first one. The rest learn from it

    Our dogs even do well raising kittens. Once they understand it is a new pack member they get very protective.

    • I’ve had some dogs who loved kittens and others who ate them. 🙂 One of my dogs — a husky golden mix, let two little kittens “nurse” on her. It was so cute and somewhat weird. The purebred huskies, however, cats move too much like prey to be pack members.

      • We have had a Bernese, a lab/blue tic mix, a heeler, a Brtiiany and some kind of pointer mutt. Watching a hundred lb Bernese male mother a 2 lb kitten whose only purpose in life was to attack the bigger dog was previous!

        • I love the Bernese. Wonderful dogs and one of my favorite. My little Aussie was “marketed” by the shelter as a Bernese, I think to throw its possible (bad) owner off the scent, so to speak. Or the shelter had never seen a Bernese. I can fit Teddy up into my car — first dog I ever had under 65 pounds.

  3. I had no idea how small Teddy is! I do love hearing the ‘happy’ in your voice, Martha. And the photo of Truffle and Molly…. ❤

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