It, too, will pass…

Old person curmudgeonly griping ahead, be warned…

Summer is back. It took a while. It’s been a chilly spring and long winter, but yesterday it hit 85 (29 C). It’s that verdant season most people love, and I hate. Everything is green, flowers are blooming and stuff is coming up in the garden. I’m wearing shorts, a grim reality but even old people with crooked legs get hot.

Since I hate mowing the lawn, the kid who mowed my lawn last year is coming back this year for a repeat performance, but only 2 times a month. I have to adjust to this every year and I’ll do it again, probably, even, feeling a little sorrow when the blessed red maple down the street starts to turn, signaling the approach of what I tell Bear is “things getting good again.”

Three months from today is the Potato Festival which marks the end of droves of Texans pulling their “summer homes” — RVs — past my house. When September comes, you can feel the whole town sigh in relief. Everyone (except me) waits longingly for summer but, I think, when it’s finally over, the kids are back in school, the traffic slows back down (traffic being relative) and the job of making things grow is over for the nonce, everyone breathes easier.

The last iris variety to bloom. ❤

Summer awakens all kinds of expectations, I think. I remember as young woman I expected GREAT THINGS from summer that never happened. Maybe it’s the Beach Boys’ fault. 😉

In OTHER summer related news, the Rio Grande is under a flood watch — my town is under this flood watch. With 473% snow pack and the temps reaching summer levels, well, I guess I won’t be out walking by the river any time soon. I’m happy for New Mexico and Texas, though. Last year, they barely got any water from this river we share.

11 thoughts on “It, too, will pass…

  1. But you have a wonderful selection of flowers, especially the iris. I only ever see the blues ones here. I am quite happy without my lawn now, although I do miss the variety of birds in Winter. I am also more comfortable now in the cooler seasons, but that has more to do with my MS proabably. At the moment it is perfect. Sun and a cool breeze and surrounded by greenery. Above all no danger of ice or snow on the roads since I am driving regularly again. We humans are never satisfied.

    • You’re right. We are never satisfied! I really love iris and they are a compensation for some of this. It’s hard on the dogs and it takes a little work to get them adjusted to taking walks at different times. Dogs are clocks. 🙂

  2. That apricot iris, especially, is beautiful. Not a color I see too much. Yeah, the Beach Boys pretty much ruined summer–ours were not/are not like they sang about. A couple weeks ago we were under a heat dome–with stifling heat. This week/weekend we are having storms every single day. Which will be followed, again, by stifling heat. No, summer is not my favorite, either.

    • The irony to the Beach Boys is that winter surf is better than summer. Right now the surf in CA is completely flat except in a few places.

      My neighbors and I share iris. I got that one from my Aussie neighbor. it’s really beautiful and loves to grow.

  3. Irises are my favourite flower! Beautiful pic. I too am not a fan of summer and immensely relieved that here in Aus, we are now in winter. Yay!

    • They’re my favorite flower too, but there’s a lot of competition with lilacs, cornflowers, plumeria I dunno, but iris evoke memories and in themselves are so lovely. My favorites are the simpler old-fashioned ones. Enjoy your winter — when the time comes send it north. Bear and I will be grateful.

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