Teddy Update — Week 3

Teddy is GREAT. Even though I haven’t been in the most chipper of moods, still downcast and missing Dusty, Teddy has assumed his job as “clown” with exactly the right amount of absurd zest. He’s now walking beautifully on the leash. He sits and does “down” without any grand gestures from me. He hasn’t learned to sit for ALL people, but I think he’ll get it.

I know you have a cookie, Martha.

Bear loves him and has taken on her job of play training with a beautiful attitude. We like him very much. He’s a cheerful, optimistic, loving little guy.

What are you doing in the front yard? (Teddy acting JUST like an Australian shepherd watching his flock from the highest hill…)

He and Bear love meeting new people — there’s no scary barking and everyone WANTS to meet the mythical, giant blue-eyed dog and her goofy looking sidekick. We met an older couple yesterday and, today, the husband was at the 9th hole of the golf course and stopped what he was doing to come into the street to pet them.

I’m going to sit on you, Bear, until you play with me.

Teddy reminds me of the “Delight Makers.” The Koshare. I first learned of these Pueblo Indian clowns in Adolph Bandelier’s beautiful book, The Delight Makers. Their job was to defuse anxiety and teach lessons before a major ritualistic dance. Teddy’s appearance is like the Koshare who wear black and white paint usually applied in a silly way. There’s nothing goofier than Teddy’s little face.

Hopi Kachina doll representing a Koshare dancer

Today I went down to the vet to pay the bill for Dusty’s euthanasia. I’m always astounded by the price of things here vs. San Diego. I was expecting $350 for the house call, the tranquilizer, the anesthetic, the euthanizing drug, but it was only $100. The Indian who works there looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Martha.” I told him that, for what it was, it could not have been better. ❤

Meanwhile my little clown and my mythical spirit dog are doing what they do best, being dogs, and I’m very happy they are here.

12 thoughts on “Teddy Update — Week 3

  1. Martha–your captions are a riot. You and little Teddy found each other at just the right time. Bear, you are a sweetheart. ❤

  2. It’s made my day to see those gorgeous pictures of Teddy and read about how well he has settled and bonded with you all. He looks an adorable little character, and clearly he did come to you for a reason, and at the right time. Fate can be really good at these things. Great news, Martha. 🙂 ❤

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