I recently wore out a bottom sheet. I don’t know how long I’d had it — five years, I think. Anyway, I was disgusted that it wore out so quickly. I know it was quick because my Aunt Jo was using my mom’s bedsheets until she had to leave her house some 20 years after my mom died and THOSE sheets were bought in the ’70s.

I went online to find good sheets and was appalled. $60 for a (somewhat) high quality bottom sheet. WTF? So there are (apparently) ordinary people in this world who spend upwards of $200 for cotton sheets and and and and????

Sheets are pretty banal. Buying them is like buying an iron or a new vacuum. I just can’t get really excited about it. The sheet arrived. It was abysmal. Pure cotton (good), but still it attracted dog hair, lint, dust as if it were a hardcore polyester static electricity generator. I might not have known had the thing not been burgundy. I tried everything to decrease its attractive qualities — everything being dryer sheets — to no avail. I didn’t want to sleep on it and ended up buying ANOTHER, but white so at least if it behaves the same way, I won’t know. BUT it doesn’t seem that it does.

It’s hard to care about this until the moment that your foot goes through your sheet and you realize you now have a lot of rags for washing windows. Like that’s ever going to happen.


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  1. Oh Martha—I am pretty persnickety about my sheets. I look at the thread count, and really and truly love 100% linen sheets. But my sheets are only white or very pale blue. My bedroom is blue….gotta match. The color says to me, “clean, pure, restful.” Or words to that effect. Yes, cat hair….. But at least we all sleep ‘clean, pure, restful.’ 😉

  2. I agree, they just don’t make sheets to last, like almost everything else. I remember my Mum having sheets from my childhood for the spare beds when I would visit. I still have the wool blankets my family brought over from Scotland some 50+ years ago.

  3. I like sheets that you tuck in. Not those elasticated fitted ones that ping off one corner just as you are getting it over the opposite corner. I buy the right size but they are about 3 inches too small x argh

    • I dunno. So far the new white one is great. The one good thing about the price is that the sheets have good elastic all around and very deep pockets. I’ll update this in five years 😀

  4. I’m always horrified at the prices too. I know the new thing is using a bottom sheet and no top, but this makes no sense to me. On days too hot for a cover, a sheet works and otherwise, keeps the blanket cleaner (since humans tend to perspire and have oils in their skin and lotions they like to add on) it makes sense to use both, but at times the price makes me baulk! Oh, by the way, your double present is winging its way as of today! Let me know when you receive it and if not within a few days, I can track it. xoxo

    • I’ll definitely let you know! Thank you! ❤

      I sleep under a duvet. I wash the duvet cover (which is essentially made of sheeting) and don't use a top sheet. I got into that practice in Switzerland and I like it a lot better than a top sheet which I always fought with. I think we all have our sleeping habits.

  5. The same thing happened to us recently – my husband put his foot through the fitted sheet and we had to ditch it. To be fair, it had lasted around over 17 years, so it was within its rights to give up the ghost. But $200? That’s a ludicrous amount to pay for sheets! We’ve just bought a whole new set for £17.00, so I’ll be interested to see how long these ones last now… Great rant, Martha. 🙂

  6. I recently wore out a top sheet. I know. I got get it either. They were a set. 6 years. I’m confused, but I was amazed at the cost of sheets.

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