The Importance of My Women Friendships

I like this a lot. I treasure my female friendships very much, but sometimes the friendships end. Sometimes because of circumstance, sometimes because of problems.

Living on the Circumference - Finding the Center

One of my closest girlfriends ghosted me about a year ago. The last time I saw her, she introduced me to her new “boyfriend” as her “best friend forever”. Since then, I haven’t seen or heard a word from her. We shared confidences, took road trips, met for lunch or coffee regularly, and we were a support system for one another. I went through her divorce with her – emotionally and in court, helped her move twice – packed boxes and carried them together, and encouraged her through mid-life college as she prepared for a career post-divorce.

According to Deborah Tannen, author of You’re the Only One I Can Tell: Inside the Language of Women’s Friendships, women are far less likely than men to explain why they break up with a friend. The reason is that women prefer to avoid confrontation, so our friend doesn’t have the opportunity…

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