Teddy Report and Quotidian Update 91.23.vii

All the typing I’ve been doing over the past few months working on the China book combined with walking two semi-intractable dogs, has inflamed my shoulder joint. Don’t worry, I’m not typing in my usual place. Apparently my chair is too low for the table and my arms have been in a position that would (and did) eventually cause irritation to my shoulder joint — bursitis, it seems.

It’s really painful and has interrupted my sleep and fucked with my mood. I devised a clever ice pack made of a baggy with ice in it wrapped in a bandana and tied around my shoulder that’s worked well. But yesterday I went a step farther and got a real ice pack that wraps around my body with stuff you freeze. It’s pretty hard to keep the bandana in place.

It all started from teaching, from years of reaching to write on the board. For the past 15 years it’s come and gone — all the screwing (ha ha) I did building furniture when I moved here made it flare up. Painting ceilings before I moved made it flare up.

I got a leash for Bear that I can wear around my waist — I see potential problems, but it has handles, too. If it’s good it will be great as it is a little fanny pack (there goes my entire coolness factor right down the drain) so if I see kids selling lemonade I might have a quarter to buy some.

Teddy has learned to fetch and recognizes the ball we use for fetch from his other toys if I put them all in a pile. He brings me the right one. I’m thinking of hiring a tutor to help him prep for the SATs.

So if my posts for the next nonce are brief and cranky, that’s why.

30 thoughts on “Teddy Report and Quotidian Update 91.23.vii

  1. I have an extra pillow on which I put my arm so it doesn’t pull out of the socket from its own weight while I sleep. It helps a LOT. Mine if from lifting and hauling heavy items — not dogs, but other stuff. And yeah, it really hurts. But resting it really helps. You just need to remember to let it get fully better AND not do the same stuff that got it started in the first place. Good luck. Shots, by the way, don’t seem to help much. Only rest seems to work.

    • I use the pillow. I couldn’t sleep without it. I think I started this thing this summer by hauling 50 pound bags of dirt to start a raised bed that isn’t working. Sigh.

      • Oh, dear — I have a friend who is waiting for an orthopedic surgeon’s verdict — he moved 5 gallon buckets of water onto a dolly! Take care, and no lifting anything for a while!

  2. Losing your coolness factor is bothersome to me….. Dang, Martha. I hope you can find some relief. I found out I have effusion and arthritis in one of my knees. Why have one when you can have both, right? I use Advil when it really bothers me. Maybe give that a try? Short of paying to go to a sports medicine doc who might suggest the same thing… either that or a cortisone shot.

    • I’m very sorry about your knee. I know what that’s like and it’s no fun.

      I would like to take Advil but I have a pseudo allergy to all anti-inflammatories and they give me an intense asthmatic reaction. I can only take Tylenol 😦 I’d be very happy to have a cortisone shot.

      I’m seeing the doc (GP) Friday because I have a pre-cancer thing on my cheek, and I will say, “My shoulder is hurting” and see what she can offer me.

      We’re just a catalog of woe, aren’t we. ❤

      • Oh, Martha…..we are one glorious mess. Strike the Advil. Sorry. Please let me know how the pre-cancer thing goes….

        • I’ll let you know. I had one on the other cheek (something Biblical here) and they did the thing with the Moh’s drill or whatever and I got 9 microstitches. All I want to do is walk my dogs! 😀

  3. I got out and walked for the first time in 3 years!!!!!! My son, Loki and I walked. It was amazing, the freedom!!!!!! OMG It was the equivalent of 3 country blocks, but it’s a start and I was thrilled and I didn’t even ache or hurt which I suspected I might do after such a long period of inactivity, and that’s not to say I’m not in agony tonight, but I did it all the same!!! wooot for freedom.

  4. oh my goodness, I know your pain……..please take it easy! this injury takes a while to heal. sending healing thoughts your way!

    • Bear wears a head collar. 😦 fortunately, it’s getting better. I might just start walking them one at a time until the shoulder is OK again. I think the big problem was typing in a bad position for 8 – 10 hours/day.

  5. First, I’m sorry about your shoulder. Second, you had me laughing 🙂 – Speaking of books, I am really enjoying reading Across the World on the Wings of the Wind! (I’d underline or italicize the title if I could figure out how to do these things on my tablet.)

    • You made my day! ❤ I"m very happy you're enjoying the BIG book!!! Please let me know if anything comes through weird on your device, OK? I can't tell. I can only use what Amazon shows me, and it want the reading experience to be good.

      My shoulder is slowly improving — at least now I've been able to sleep and I got a fancy ice thing that I can use and that stays where it's supposed to.

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