I’m grateful for everything right now.

I didn’t plan for my retirement. It just happened. I knew I’d gotten a good deal at San Diego State and was going to have my job pay into a pension (I didn’t know what a pension was, really) after I’d had steady employment with them for two years. All that mattered to me at that moment was that I was also going to get great health benefits. I didn’t know how long I’d work there (13 years and change) or that it would be JUST ENOUGH, when added to my Social Security, for me to live in a small town in Colorado. I didn’t even know I wanted to live in a small town in Colorado. I had NO idea. I didn’t think about the future. There was too much unknown for me to go beyond the present moment, itself rife with unknowns.

Today is the fifth anniversary of teaching my last class. Tomorrow, my friends who, in this great accident of fate, happen to live within 100 yards of me, and were strangers when I arrived, and I are going up to the place in the mountains that is frequently groomed for cross country skiing in winter. If I made only one trip to the mountains this summer, I would want it to be THAT trip.

I had no idea when I walked of that miserable classroom that I would end up here with a life like this one.

And Bella — Monday on our trip up to Beaver Creek Reservoir Bella tackled her first narrow, windy, gravel mountain road. I was very grateful for the debt I have on that car. 🙂

Gratitude is immense. It’s the power that allows us to see the good in the current moment of our lives. According to long trails of sponsored Facebook posts it also affects the way our brain works. I haven’t read those articles, but I know that, in my case, when I stopped wishing, hoping and wanting and began thanking I became a much happier person.

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  1. Five years! Hope you have a great time skiing. To live in a place where you can ski in summer is surely something to be grateful for. I think I’ve completely forgotten how to ski.

  2. As usual, I am reading from your most current post, backwards to previously written ones. Gratitude is so much better than discontentment – every time! Enough gratitude can rewire your brain and actually improve your happiness, ability to cope with problems, and make life more pleasant all around. It is a very powerful practice.

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