G’Day Mate!

My garden this year is awful. I wasn’t “on it” during the critical fifteen minutes allowed by the San Luis Valley spring. I was working on the China book. And, last year I wasn’t gardening because I was rehabbing my hip. Two years of neglect never helped a garden.

Next year? I either have to get on it or give up…

Now? I just hate it. My neighbor is unloading (thank you!!) perennials as she thins her (beautiful) garden and next year, maybe, I won’t have to do anything but weed. The best time to plant a garden is always a puzzle in this high valley.

Winter 2018 was warm and dry, but we had a late freeze. Bye-bye peonies. The year before? Cold and dry, with a hard freeze (-20 F/the same C) in May, no apples. This winter was Heaven, but come spring, we did have a couple of weeks of late frosts which meant the plants I’d started inside didn’t get to go outside soon enough to do really well.

But… Thanksgiving last year my Aussie neighbor invited me for dinner and one of the featured items was Australian pumpkin. When I left for home I grabbed a few seeds.

One came up. 🙂 I don’t know if it’s going to have enough time before fall to make a pumpkin, but I love that it’s happy in my garden with the group of scarlet emperor beans.


14 thoughts on “G’Day Mate!

    • I guess we’ll just take what we get with this garden stuff this year. 🙂 I had great peonies for the first time since I planted them 4 years ago.

  1. My garden is in its last few minutes of looking good before the lilies die and after that, it’s just weeds. It needs to be redone, ground-up … and I don’t think it’s happening. But at least we have a month of lilies.

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