Publish WHERE???

Everyone (thinks they) know everything. Since I’m not one of everyone, I keep trying to find things out.

I was reading a blog post on IndieBRAG about why I shouldn’t publish books using Amazon because bookstores hate Amazon. I should use Ingram/Spark. So, I went to see about that and found incredible complexity. Since I was up most of the night with an upset stomach, most things are too complex for me right now. I can see, though, they might be a good platform with a few more options, but… I wondered about Amazon’s “expanded distribution” which puts books out there where Ingram puts books. I wasn’t sure so I found a Youtube video about this and a young, bald, bespectacled talking head yammered at me from a position too close to the camera and never answered the question. Why is it so many people who make Youtube videos do that? Why is it so hard for them to get to the point?* Anyway, I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know. The books end up in the same conduit where libraries and bookstores can order them if they want to.

I need a proxy to do this stuff for me, to make these decisions and learn all this stuff continually because I’m not into it. I tell myself that I don’t care if people buy my books, but it’s only a half-truth. I do know that I’m not sitting here today trying to figure out another publishing platform. I don’t know what I’m doing (tired, still a little funky in the stomach) but I’m not doing that.

*I have the same problem with TED talks, except for the too-close to the camera part. 😀 Probably the price I pay for not being an aural learner, but stronger on visual and kinesthetic learning. I focus on people’s faces and what they do rather than hearing their words.

4 thoughts on “Publish WHERE???

  1. Raise your hand if you, too, are a kinesthetic learner. **waves hand in the air** I thought I just didn’t get it when people talked. Well, I really didn’t but only because that is not how I learn. Some people used to get mad when I’d ‘don’t tell me, show me.’ sorry about the ‘experts’ telling you how to publish but I am happy I am not alone in my learning capabilities.

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