Quotidian Update 19.2.a.iv

Yesterday, I didn’t get to the dermatologist because I got a stomach bug night before last and got no sleep, so, wasn’t really prepared for three hours on the road.

In spite of all that, yesterday ended beautifully in a long long long walk in a place we usually don’t get to visit except in the cold season. When I headed out with Bear in a chill, blustery, thundery wind, I saw there was no one at the golf course. Nary a car. Not a single golf cart. Nothing. No one. This meant we could walk through it out to the Big Empty. True, the Big Empty is never far, but it’s nice when we don’t have to drive AT ALL. Bear was happy and so was I. She signifies happiness by stopping for no reason and leaning against me and walking beside me so my hand rests on her back.

I came home, put Teddy into his fancy harness, and took him on a different golf course walk. It was his first time. I can’t imagine him in deep snow, but I suspect he can imagine himself there. He’s an undaunted little guy.

So, you are asking, why was no one on the golf course? Was it the thunder storm? What’s the story?

I learned that the country singer who’s headlining the Ski Hi Stampede, Randy Houser, had played golf there that morning. I guess everyone figured that was as good as it was going to get and left.

I slept in this morning dreaming about a wedding to a great love of my life (GLOML) that nearly happened. You know you’re tired when your brain sends you amazing dreams of impossible outcomes to keep you in bed. Had we moved forward with the GLOML’s idea that we have a family, it would have led (in his father’s actual words) to “A crucifixion.” But, dreams are something else entirely, and though I kept suggesting (in the dream) that it wasn’t such a great idea, his family and mine (and he and I) moved forward. At some point we were dressed as clowns. Fate’s marionettes, maybe. Most of the time we were in a labyrinthine European city (Genova, I think). I stayed asleep until 8:30 to see what would happen.

It’s cool when you have a dream that keeps you hooked, waiting for the ending, even when you know you’re just going to wake up.

Here’s the guy who gave me the golf course yesterday. Not my kind of music, even for country, but it’s still pretty good.


7 thoughts on “Quotidian Update 19.2.a.iv

  1. I love the way Bear tells you she’s happy! What a nice couple of walks you had with your two best friends!

    • Teddy and I are still getting to know each other. It’s good I hurt my shoulder so I can’t walk them together. It’s helping me get to know that little guy and forge a good bond with him. As for Bear. We’re partners. ❤

  2. Bear’s happiness just melted my heart. ‘an undaunted little guy’ is such a cute description of the little one. I’m smilin’, Martha.

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